Department of Chemical Disciplines


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The Department of Chemical Disciplines was reorganized on April 14, 2018. According to the competition, the head of the department was appointed Ph.D., Acting professor Daurenbekov K. N.
The Department of Inorganic Chemistry was organized in August 1979, when a branch of the Almaty State Medical Institute (a branch of the ASMI) was opened. The first head of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry was appointed Director of the branch of ASMI, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor Tegisbaev E. T.
In 1980 , the departments were opened:
- Inorganic and physcolloid chemistry – Head of the Department, Ph.D., Associate Professor Tegisbaev E.T.
- Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry – Head of the Department, Ph.D. Baizoldanov T.B.
- Organic and Biological Chemistry – Head of the Department, Ph.D. Patsaev A.K.
At the Department of Inorganic and Physcolloid Chemistry in the early years worked Ph.D., Assoc. Abdilaev B.A., Candidate of Chemical Sciences Alibayeva H.B., Candidate of Chemical Sciences Jasymbekov A.K., Candidate of Chemical Sciences Patsaev A.K., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Pusurmanova T.Zh.
In 1985, the head of the Department of Inorganic and Physic colloidal Chemistry was elected by the competition Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Ermekbaeva A. B.
In 1988, according to a competition for the head of the Department of Inorganic and Physcolloid Chemistry, Ph.D., associate Professor Shvets I.S. was elected. The staff of the department contributed to the organization of the pharmaceutical and medical faculties. All these years at the department of Assoc. Shvets I. S., Ph.D. Erimbetova S.K., Ph.D. Chuikova N.A., Mamytova V. K., Ph.D., Assoc. Shitybaev S. A., senior lab. Yesimbekova E. D. worked.
The founders of the Department of Analytical Chemistry were: Ph.D. Baizoldanov T. B., Ph.D. Kuralova N. T., Sagyndykova B. A., Sabyrzhanova A. P., Kulbaeva U. A., and Ph.D. Bralinova K., Kalelova R., Madybekova G.M., Tastemirova D.N. worked at the department.
The organizer of the Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry is a Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor. Patsaev A.K. Among the first teachers of the department were Ph.D., Assoc. Ilyasova M.I., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assoc. Pusurmanova T.Zh. The course of biological chemistry was organized by the Candidate of Biological Sciences, Assoc. Akhanov A.U. The first teachers were Zhaishibekov B.S. and Suleimenova R.N. In the course of biological chemistry – assoc. Kymbatbekov K.K., Sharipov K.O., Kenzhebekov K.P.
In 1994, the departments of Inorganic, Physcolloid, Analytical and Organic Chemistry were merged and the Department of Chemistry was organized. The head of the Department of Chemistry was elected by competition Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Assoc. Patsaev A.K.
A great contribution to the formation of the department and the training of personnel was made by Ph.D., associate professors Baktibaev O.B., Sadykova F.Zh.
From 2007 to 2009, the Department of Medical Biology, FGZ and Chemistry at the UCSMU. Head of the Department, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor A.K. Patsaev.
From 2009-2018. Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of the UCGFA. Head of the Department, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor A.K. Patsaev.
In 2013, a research laboratory of medicinal plants was organized at the Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry under the leadership of the head of the Department A.K. Patsaev, a laboratory of medicinal plants was opened by the decision of the Academic Council of the Academy (Minutes No. 1 of the meeting of the Academic Council dated 28.08.2013).
The work of the research laboratory of medicinal plants is the study of medicinal plants growing in the Turkestan region, and the development of the substance of medicinal products based on it.


Goals of the Department:
The work of the department is carried out in accordance with the state mandatory standards of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialties "Pharmacy" (higher education), "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Dentistry", "Public Health", "Pharmaceutical production Technology", creating conditions for mastering the program in the disciplines "Chemistry", "Inorganic Chemistry", "Organic Chemistry", "Analytical Chemistry", "Physical Colloidal Chemistry", "Inorganic and Physical Chemistry", as well as training of special professionals with deep theoretical and practical knowledge;
- Mastering the forms of separation, synthesis of compounds based on the theoretical basis of organic compounds;
- Mastering new achievements of basic qualitative and quantitative methods and the ability to work with modern methods of perspective analysis;
- Be able to determine physico-chemical measurement methods using the necessary chemicals in the practice of a pharmacist and predict the processes of spontaneous flow of compounds;


Basic study courses:
At the Department students on specialty «Pharmacy» study the next disciplines:

- inorganic chemistry;
- organic chemistry;
- analytical chemistry;
- physical colloidal chemistry.


on specialty «Technology of pharmaceutical industry» study the next disciplines:
- inorganic and physical chemistry;
- organic chemistry;
- analytical chemistry.


Students of the specialties «General Medicine» study «Chemistry» in Kazakh, Russian and English.

Students of the specialties «Dentistry», «Pediatrics» and «Public Health» study «Chemistry» in Kazakh and Russian.

The list of new elective disciplines being studied is updated annually at the department.



The direction of scientific work of the Department of Chemical Disciplines for the 2022-2023 academic year:
1. «Search and implementation of active teaching methods in the teaching of chemical disciplines»
2. «Study of medicinal plants used in folk medicine growing in the flora of the Turkestan region».


Educational work of the department
The educational work of the department is carried out in the following areas: research work, education in the spirit of patriotism, in spiritual and moral terms, cultural, aesthetic and ethno-cultural education, strengthening of national unity, respect for national values, formation of a healthy lifestyle, legal education, assistance in mastering entrepreneurial skills, skills and personal qualities. Also, work is underway to fully provide students with educational and methodological complexes in the studied disciplines.
Annually, the curators of the department held the following educational activities: discussion of the message to the people of Kazakhstan of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.Zh.Tokayev. Teachers of the department together with groups visited an orphanage, a center for the formation of minors and held charity events. In accordance with the state program "Densaulyk", various events, sports competitions were held, and "Intellectual Games" were organized together with other educational institutions. Round tables, educational hours and evenings devoted to holidays and in accordance with the topics of orders received from the educational department, the dean's office were held. The teachers of the department held monthly duty in the student dormitory, during their duty they conducted conversations with students on various topics, held educational evenings.


Academic mobility
According to the memorandum between the Samarkand State Medical Institute (Republic of Uzbekistan) and the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy within the framework of academic mobility from 16.11.2020 to 23.12.2020, the head of the Department of Chemical Disciplines, Ph.D., Acting Professor Daurenbekov Kanat Narbekovich and Ph.D., Acting Professor Alikhanov Khaliya Bakadirovna gave lectures and conducted practical classes for 1st year students of the medical faculty of the SSMI in the discipline "Medical Chemistry" online.


Currently, the department employs 2 professors, 6 candidates of Sciences, 4 acting associate professors, 1 senior teacher, 2 teachers, 2 senior laboratory assistants, 1 laboratory assistant.



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The head of the department is Kanat Narbekovich Daurenbekov – Ph.D., acting professor, scientific and pedagogical experience of 33 years



From August 1990 to September 1993, he worked as a junior researcher at the A. Bekturov Chemical Institute. From 1993 to 2007, he worked as a junior researcher in R&D at the SMFI, a teacher at the UCSMU, senior lecturer, associate professor of the Department of Chemistry, Deputy dean of the Faculty of Medicine.
From 2007 to 2009 he worked as a vice–rector for Academic Affairs at the International University of Humanities and Technology, from 2009 to 2014 – Vice-rector, Rector for Academic Affairs at the RIU. Since 2014, he has worked at the Department of Chemical Disciplines as an acting professor, in 2018, on a competitive basis, he was appointed head of the Department of Chemical Disciplines and from 2018 to 2021 he combined as dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the SKMA.. Author of 6 textbooks, 12 methodical works, more than 100 scientific methodical articles.


1. Daurenbekov Kanat Narbekovich – Ph.D., Acting Professor
2. Alikhanova Khaliya Bahadyrovna – Ph.D., Acting Professor
3. Ahmetova Alma Abdukarimova– Ph.D., acting associate professor
4. Turebekova Gulzakhira Andasovna – p.k.n., acting associate professor
5. Dildabekova Lazzat Anarkulovna – p.k.n., acting associate professor
6. Yesirkepova Maral Makhmudovna – PhD, Acting Associate Professor
7. Rysymbetova Zhansaya Kaldarbekovna – Senior teacher, Master of Chemistry.
8. Kulbaeva Madina Serikovna – teacher, Master of Chemistry.
9. . Ortai Saltanat Bakytzhanovna – teacher, Master of Chemistry.


Laboratory assistants:
Katchanova Aigerim Bolatovna – Senior laboratory assistant
Bektemir Dinara Bolatovna – Senior laboratory assistant
Staeva Gauhar Akilbekovna– laboratory assistant

The department is located at:
Shymkent, farewell Al-Farabi 1, main building, 5th floor.