List of required documents for registration:

1. A copy of the diploma of graduation from the university, certified by the inspector of the personnel department;

2. A copy of the certificate of completion of the internship (if any) and a document of primary specialization or (retraining) certified by the inspector of the personnel department:

3. Document on the passage of advanced training for the last 5 years (copy);

4. A copy of the specialist's certificate (if any) certified by the inspector of the personnel department;

5. Extract from the order on sending for training with the seal of the personnel department;

6. Identity card (copy);

7. Certificate of marriage (when changing the surname) (copy).

The list of documents required for the provision of public services when the service recipient (or his representative by power of attorney) applies:

1. Application for the issuance of a certificate of advanced training or a certificate of retraining

2. Proof of identity (original and copy).

3. A bypass sheet or other document confirming the absence of a student's debt to the service provider.


- travel certificate;

- two medical gowns and two caps for inpatient training:

- sanitary book

Phone for inquiries: 8 (7252) 39-40-32, 40-80-22, internal 407.


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