1. General Provisions

1.1. The rules for settling and living in the SKMA hostel (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) are developed on the basis of the current housing legislation and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.2. The rules are a local normative act of the Academy, the implementation of which is mandatory for dean's offices and all residents of the student hostel.

1.3. The living quarters in the dormitory of the Academy are intended for temporary residence of students.



2. The procedure for providing premises and settling in a student hostel

2.1. A student wishing to live in the dormitory of the Academy submits an application addressed to the chairman of the housing commission (dean of the faculty). The application must be accompanied by the necessary supporting certificates / documents. The lease agreement with a student in need of a dormitory is concluded on the basis of an order to move in.

Residential lease agreements are concluded in triplicate, one copy is kept by the resident, the other is kept by the head of the hostel (commandant) and the third is kept by the Academy's accounting department.

2.2. Places in the hostel are provided to the following categories of SKMA students:

a) students from other regions of Kazakhstan and remote regions of South Kazakhstan region;

b) to orphans left without parental care;

c) half-orphans;

d) disabled people;

e) children whose mothers are owners of the “Altyn alka”, “Kumis alka” badges;

f) students from low-income and large families.

 2.3. Check-in to the hostel is made by the head of the hostel (commandant) on the basis of a lease agreement for living quarters, a passport and a certificate of health of the person being moved in, an address certificate, certificates certifying the above categories (all certificates must be notarized).

2.4. The decision to provide a hostel for family students is considered according to general rules.

2.5. When settling in a dormitory, students must be familiar with these Rules, the Internal Labor Regulations of the Academy and undergo appropriate safety instructions for the operation of electrical household appliances, household radio equipment, familiarize themselves with the established procedure for using personal electrical appliances and the procedure for vacating places in the hostel. The briefing is carried out by a safety engineer.

2.6. The amount of payment for living in a student hostel is established by the PEO and approved by the Rector.

2.7. Accommodation fee in a student residence is charged to students for

all the time of their residence (academic year) and the vacation period; when students leave for

during the vacation period, there is no charge for the use of bedding and additional services.

2.8. In the event of termination of the contract for renting a residential premises, a resident within three days is obliged to vacate the occupied space (residential premises) in the hostel, handing over to the head of the hostel (commandant) the living quarters in a clean state and all the inventory received in good condition.

2.9. The procedure for using the hostel by students on vacation is determined taking into account their wishes by the administration of the Academy in agreement with the trade union organization of students.



3. Access control in the student dormitory

3.1. Access control in student dormitories is carried out:

- round-the-clock duty watchmen of the hostel for the regime and life safety;

3.2. The requirements of the administration of the hostel to maintain the established order in the student hostel are mandatory for all residents.

3.3. To enter the student hostel, residents are issued a pass of the established form. The pass is the main document of residents to enter the student residence. Guests can enter the hostel upon presentation of an identity document.

3.4. The entrance to the student hostel for residents is carried out with passes. The operational duty officer (watchman) is obliged to make an entry in the log about all residents who arrived from 22.00 to 6.00.

 3.5. Persons who do not live in the hostel are allowed into the building of the student hostel from 07:00 to 22:30 hours, only at the invitation of those living in this hostel. Residents are required to meet the visitor on watch. In this case, the visitor's identity documents and a pass to the hostel of the resident, to whom the visitor came to, remain on the watch.

3.6. At the end of the visit, the resident is obliged to accompany the visitor to the shift.

3.7. The presence in the room of persons who do not permanently reside in it is possible only with the consent of all residents of this room.

3.8. Visitors, including family members of students at the Academy, may apply for temporary accommodation in the guest rooms (if any) of the student residence, subject to availability.

3.9. Responsibility for compliance by visitors with these Rules and the Internal Labor Regulations rests with the inviter.

3.10. In case of violation by residents of the hostel or their visitors of the established rules for visiting the hostel or temporary residence, the head of the hostel (commandant) takes an explanation from the violators

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