The educational work of the Academy is carried out by the services of the following departments and organizations:

* Department of social affairs and youth policy,

Academic youth center ”Bolashak”;

“Sanaly urpak” Project Office;

Debate club ”Ziyaly Kazakh”;

Organisation of the youth wing “Jas Otan”;

Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan;

Kazakhstan Medical Students’ Association (KazMSA);

Women's Community “Aikorkem”;

Birlesu Organization of the Unification of Nations;

Art organization Shabyt;

Sports club ”Barys”;

Club League of Volunteers;

Team of KVN ”Dostyk”;

Code of Ethics for Students;


The Academy takes an active part in all cultural events organized by local government offices, public organizations, youth centers in the Republic, region and city.


Educational work is carried out in the following areas:

Scientifically-research and methodological support;

Formation of Patriotic consciousness;


Spiritual and moral development;

Legal education;

Formation of a healthy lifestyle;

Салауатты өмір салтын қалыптастыру;

Support for youth initiatives;

Improving the system of education;

Our achievements:

Student of specialty General medicine Amanbayev Timur "Best doctor" -2018

In the Republican subject Olympiad among the medical universities of Kazakhstan which held in Semey state medical University the Members of the organization KazMSA under the guidance of a leading specialist DYP Zh. Kambarova took II place.

The student of 1st course of specialty Public health Pernebekov Yelkhan Masterkhanuly took III place in the conference of students and young scientists "Nation health - a basis of the successful future" within the programme "Rukhani zhangyru" in the Kazakh National medical University by Asfendiyarov.

From 18 to 21 October 2018 year at the VIII international hand-to-hand combat tournament "Fighter of Asia", organized by NOMAD MMA in Astana, 1st course student of specialty "Technology of pharmaceutical production" SKMA Elemesov Bekzhigit took II place.

On July 28-29, 2018 year in the traditional Republican debate tournament "Mahabbat toly ystyk zhaz", organized by the debaters of Turkestan region, Askarbayeva Zhasmina won the nomination "Best judge".

In the contest "Masters of artistic reading", organized by the Language training center of Shymkent city, the student of st course Kahramanova Maira took III place.

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