The educational work of the Academy is carried out by the services of the following departments and organizations:

* Department of social affairs and youth policy,

Academic youth center ”Bolashak”;

“Sanaly urpak” Project Office;

Debate club ”Ziyaly Kazakh”;

Organisation of the youth wing “Jas Otan”;

Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan;

Kazakhstan Medical Students’ Association (KazMSA);

Women's Community “Aikorkem”;

Birlesu Organization of the Unification of Nations;

Art organization Shabyt;

Sports club ”Barys”;

Club League of Volunteers;

Team of KVN ”Dostyk”;

Code of Ethics for Students;



On the formation of patriotic consciousness



On spiritual and moral development



On the education of interethnic tolerance and social harmony



On legal education



On the formation of a healthy lifestyle



Supporting youth initiatives



On improving the educational system



On working with international students



On April 12, 2022 students of our Academy took part in the 64th Scientific-Practical Conference "Science and Health", organized by Semipalatinsk Medical University in honor of the "Day of Science", where they took prizes and nominations



In accordance with the orders of the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev on March 28, 2022 № 292 and March 29, 195 from 28 to 29 April at the XXXI session of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan with the agenda «Ел Бірлік - жаңған Қазақстан тірегі» was invited a 2nd year student of ZhMOB-10-20 of our Academy, "student Vice-Rector for Educational Work" Meirbekov Nurbolat, our president presented the badge of the Assembly



At the competition "Tildarin-2022", organized by the Shymkent city educational and methodical center of languages-03-21 1, the grand prize won the student Sardorbek Rustamzhanov



The student of the group 2 course В-ПО-03 - 21 of medical faculty Rustamzhanov Sardorbek Tahirjanovich on republican competition among representatives of other nationalities in the field of medicine "state language is a symbol of independence", organized by the National scientific center "Til-Kazyna" of committee of language policy of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan took 1 place



On October 25, on the eve of the "Day of the Republic" For his valiant work Chairman of the Shymkent city "Assembly of Youth", a 3-year student of group ZHMO-09-20 Meirbekov Nurbolat Nurgalievich awarded with a letter of thanks on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Kemelevich Tokayev



Nyshan Magzhan, a 3-year student of ЖМҚБ-01-20 group, who participated in the International Youth Camp "Birlik" was awarded a thank-you letter from KSU "Kogamdyk kelisim" of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the RK



The Shymkent city educational-methodical center of languages has organized city competition "the state language-symbol of independence" with the purpose of expansion of sphere of application of the state language, strengthening of activity of the Kazakh language as language of interethnic dialogue, stimulation of representatives of other nationalities which know the state language. In competition took part the students of the 1st course of group В-ПО-02-22 of medical faculty of SKMA Kuraeva Arzu Ruslanovna and Amanova Iroda Mirmaksudovna, Amanova Iroda took the first place, Kuraeva Arzu took the second place and were awarded by valuable prizes



The management on internal policy and youth affairs of Shymkent city with a view of expansion of sphere of application of a state language, strengthening of activity of the Kazakh language as language of interethnic dialogue, stimulation of representatives of other nationalities which know the state language, socially active, the city competition «Жаңғырған жыр арқауы» was held. In competition the students of groups of 2 courses 29-21 and 24-21 of international faculty Dar Faizan Gul and Muhammad Farhan Ayoub took part. As a result of competition Muhammad Farhan Ayoub took the first place, who recited a poem «Үш бақытым»



The Office of Internal Policy and Youth Affairs of Shymkent city held a conference on the development of the system of student self-government. The conference was attended by Aisulu Yerniyazova, Youth Advisor of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of RK, and Muratjan Shotayev, Head of Shymkent Department for Internal Policy and Youth Affairs. Muratjan Shotanov awarded the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy for II place in the intellectual contest "Smart Student" among universities



The head of the Department of Internal Policy and Youth Affairs of Shymkent M. Shotanov congratulated the staff of the Department of Social Affairs and Youth Policy of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy with the "Teacher's Day"



President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev congratulated Berik Rakhmanalievich Taszhanov, head of the youth policy department of South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, with his letter of gratitude


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