Dean's office of Internship and Employment of graduates



History of creation

Dean's office of Internship and Employment of graduates organized by order of the rector YUKGMA number 73P from 06.10.2008 year.



- improving practical training of graduates;

- increase in professional level;



- introduction of educational programs to train interns in a specific field;

- planning, organization and coordination of work on training in an internship;

- Introduction of new forms and technologies of training;

- monitoring and control of the educational process conducted by the departments;

- analysis of the state of training in the internship on the basis of the results of intermediate and final state certification of interns, generalization of learning outcomes;

- Activates training sessions through interactive teaching methods using innovative technologies;

- conducting consulting work with interns and graduates on issues of distribution, monitoring and analysis of employment;

- distribution of interns in specialties, distribution and employment;

- organization and implementation of questionnaires of interns about satisfaction with the quality of the organization of the educational process and its analysis;

- organization and conduct of the PPP questionnaire on satisfaction with the quality of graduates' knowledge.



- develop a position on the dean's office for internships and employment;

- form the reception, transfer of interns in accordance with labor laws, regulations, instructions and orders of the rector;

- form and maintain a data bank on the quantitative and qualitative composition of interns and information about internships;

- organize the conduct of semiannual and final attestation of interns, conduct analysis of the results of attestation;

- to establish direct links with medical institutions;

- to receive, fill in, store and issue certificates of certificates of interns at the place of demand;

- prepare materials for presenting staff to the promotions of their unit;

- to schedule the departmental leave;

- form and keep records of business trips;

- to consider complaints and statements on the issues of admission and employment of internships;

- to develop and submit to the leadership proposals for improving and improving the work of the department;

- to acquaint employees of the department with directive, normative-legal and administrative documents;



1. Department of GPs №1

2. Department of GPs №2

3. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

4. The department of infectious diseases and dermatology

5. Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychology



1638 1

Kemelbekov Kanatzhan Saukhanbekovich

PhD, Dean



Saburov Alisher Radjapbaevich
Deputy dean




Dospolova Elmira Makulbekovna
Senior methodologist




Berdibek Aygerim Talgatkyzy



Abdurakhmanova Dinara Farkhadovna




Main building, 1st floor, office 125

Tel. (87252) 39-57-57 (1024)










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