Department of Clinical Disciplines


History of the department


In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Department of Clinical Disciplines was created at the Medical College at JSC SKMA. The department conducts classes in therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious diseases, neurology, pediatrics and propaedeutics of childhood diseases, internal medicine with propaedeutics.
Currently, the department is headed by Koptayeva Aktoti Kenjeevna
The department was formed by teaching staff according to the profile. The department employs highly qualified teachers, masters of medical sciences with experience in the field of medicine and education.



Koptayeva Aktoti Kenjeevna - Head of Department


After graduating from the South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy. Since 2006 she worked as an assistant in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, since 2012 she became a college teacher. Since 2019, she has been working as a teacher at the Department of Clinical Disciplines, since 2019, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category. On September 21, 2021, by order of the rector, she was appointed head of the Department of "Clinical disciplines" in the medical College at SKMA.

Objectives of the department:
- Working with regulatory legal acts;
- Working with department rules;
- Working with employee job descriptions;
- Working with the department plan;
- Working with minutes of department meetings;
- Correspondence on organizational issues;
- Compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS);
- Preparation of documents on the facts of calls to commit corrupt, paid activities;
- Implementation of a complex of educational and methodological subjects;
- Preparation of documents based on the results of the educational process;
- Preparation of internal control documents of the department;
- Organization and implementation of the educational process in the summer
- Work with individual annual teaching plans;
- Carrying out training loads;
- Professional development plan, department teaching staff reports, copies of
certificates, copies of advanced training;
- Work with scientific works of teachers and students;
- Carrying out educational work;
- Implementation of the educational process in approved subjects; according to the
program of approved subjects in accordance with the curriculum;
- Create conditions to meet the educational and scientific needs of students;
- Improving organizational scientific, educational and methodological support for
basic educational programs;
- Development of new learning technologies;
- Study and predict the level of training of graduates and the requirements of
- Increase the effectiveness of relationships with secondary and higher professional
educational institutions, employers' organizations;
- Optimization of the college management structure based on modern quality
- Strengthening the material and technical base and human resources;

Disciplines taught at the department:
• Propaedeutics of internal diseases
• IOnternal diseases
• Primary health care
• Clinical assessment of the patient's condition
• Gerontology
• Medical and social rehabilitation
• Nursing in therapy and neurology
• Providing emergency assistance
• Therapy
• Obstetrics and gynecology
• Basics of obstetrics
• Nursing in obstetrics
• Pathological obstetrics
• Reproductive health and safe motherhood
• Gynecology
• Surgical diseases
• Nursing in surgery
• Fundamentals of surgery and resuscitation
• General surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation
• General surgery
• Basics of epidemiology
• Epidemiology in nursing
• Infectious diseases
• Dermatovenerology
• Infection safety and control.
• Nursing for infectious diseases
• Epidemiology
• Pediatrics
• Propaedeutics of childhood diseases
• Child care
• Neurology
• Mental illnesses with a course in narcology


Classes are conducted in Kazakh and Russian


Updated items studied:
30-40% of the subjects studied are updated every year.
The mission of the department - is to prepare professionally competent, patient-oriented specialists in secondary and post-secondary education.
Educational and methodological work:
The work of the department is organized in accordance with the approved plan, consisting of educational, methodological, research and educational work.
Scientific priorities of the department:
The performance of students, individual work plans of teachers, scientific and educational work according to the KGB plan, and current issues are considered.
Currently, 14 full-time teachers, 6 laboratory assistants and freelance teachers work together at the department.


The department employs:

1.Koptayeva Aktoti Kenjeevna - head of the department
2.Slamkhan Arailym Ganivna - teacher
3.Elibay Zhalgas Orazkhanovna - teacher
4.Tylenish Zhanerke Ubaidullakovna - teacher
5.Eralieva Madina Yeralykyzy - teacher
6.Kultaeva Akniet Amirbekovna - teacher
7.Kurbanbaeva Lyazzat Baltaevna - teacher
8.Irniyazova Urazgul Ibaidullaevna - teacher
9.Yusupova Nagima Malikovna - teacher
10.Beknazarova Ainur Askarovna - teacher
11.Nazarbayev Nurislam Nalikhanovich - teacher
12.Makamshchikov Eldar Tolkynovich - teacher
13.Imash Nurtas Bakytzhanuly - teacher
14.Tulepbergenova Gulnara Userbaevna - teacher
15.Akylbek Uldana Manasovna - teacher
16.Zhamal Aizat Asylbekkyzy - senior assistant
17.Zhanizak Asel Maratovna - senior assistant
18.Baygalieva Gulshat Beskempirovna, - senior assistant
19.Almakhanbet Temirlan Maratovich - assistant
20.Nurlan Akhat Kuatovich - assistant
21.Salybekov Azamat Erzhanovich - assistant


Contact Information:
Address: Shymkent, sq. Al-Farabi, 3/1, building -2, 2nd floor




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