Personnel department



JSC South Kazakhstan Medical Academy



The human resources department of SKMA is created in 1979 as structural division of branch of the Almaty State Medical Institute in Shymkent according to the Resolution of Council of ministers of the Kazakh SSR No. 247 of 03.07.1979.




Manager of department: 
Eleusizova G.L. length of service in academy of 18 years 

Senior experts of department of HR department: 
Spatayeva O.N. length of service in academy 24 years.
Kurmanova Zh.T. length of service in academy of 18 years.

Leading experts of department of HR department: 
Turabek M. A. length of service in academy of 1 years.

Since September 1, 2015 the human resources department is renamed into personnel department.

Main goal of Construction Department is rational selection, arrangement and involvement of the qualitative personnel meeting the requirements of academy capable to solve problems of achievement of strategic objectives in the sphere of medical and pharmaceutical education.
The main objectives of employees of department is:
- ensuring educational processes of JSC SKMA with the qualified and competent shots of TS and administration and also experts, employees and workers of the required specialties;
- ensuring performance of requirements of functions by workers according to the approved normative legal acts and the legislation of RK;
- the organization of work of arrangement and use of the leading and other employees of academy, contribution to their office growth taking into account professional development and the gained knowledge;
- analysis and generalization of results of human resource management and representation to the rector of suggestions for improvement of a system of human resource management;
- improvement of quality of work of department according to the legislation of RK and requirements of SMQ.


Contact information:
Manager of department Eleusizova G.L.
Address: Shymkent, Al-Farabi square, 1/1, main building, 2st floor, room 208
Tel.: 8(7252)39-57-57








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