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History of medical college

The medical college at "South Kazakhstan Medical Academy" joint-stock company (previously faculty of training of specialists with secondary vocational education at the South Kazakhstan state medical academy) has been opened for training of specialists with secondary education on specialties "Medical treatment", "Obstetrics"," Nursing", "Pharmacy", "Stomatology", "Orthopedic orthopedics" on the basis of the application of the AA № 0000047 series and is urged to make the contribution to training of medical specialists of an average link in health sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The founder of faculty of training specialists with secondary professional education Omirali Murat Adikhanovich has been appointed as the first dean during the period from 2002 to 2008 

The teacher of the highest category Otynshiyev Mukhtar Auyezovich is the director of medical college since 2009.

Due to the reorganization of the South Kazakhstan medical academy in the South Kazakhstan pharmaceutical academy in 2009, the faculty of training of specialists with secondary vocational education has been changed  to faculty of technical and secondary vocational education on the basis of the perpetual state license of the AB № 0137364 series and above-mentioned specialties are approved on the basis of the appendix to the state license №0106865 on May 11, 2010.

Due to the reorganization of JSC "South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy" In 2017 on April 17 the current year, committee on control in the sphere of science and education of the ministry of science and education of the Republic of Kazakhstan on behalf of department of committee of control of education of SKR  specialties "medical treatment", Nursing", "Pharmacy", "Stomatology", "Orthopedic orthopedics" are newly approved in the application of the license №KZ07LAA00008223.

Department of Science and Human resources on the basis of results of work of the Commission on development of trainingsystem in nursing № 188 on March 9, 2016 (further - the commission) Committee on control of science and education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan the License  №572 on September 06, 2011 on the basis of the Appendix № KZ07LAA00008223, the Supplement has been issued to the license for obtaining qualification "The applied bachelor" in "Nursing".

In 2018 the name of faculty of technical and vocational education was renamed into Medical college by order of № 70 of the rector of SKMA from May 4, 2018 in connection with transfer of the South Kazakhstan state pharmaceutical academy to "South Kazakhstan Medical Academy" joint-stock company.

At present, the following specialties are accepted by state orders for technical and vocational education (from the republican budget) and on a paid basis: specialists in secondary education are trained:


Name of specialty

training period



Medical treatment



030101 3


11 th grade

2 years10 months

9 th grade

3 years 10 months


030102 3


11th grade

2 years10 months






030201 1

Nursing care

10 years


030203 3

General Practitioner Nurse

11th grade

2 years10 months

9th grade

3 yeras 10 months






030402 3


11th grade

2 years10 months

9th grade

3 yeras 10 months



Ortopedic dentistry



030701 3

Dental tecnician

11th grade

1 year 10 months

9th grade

2 years  10 months






030601 3


11 класс

2 года 10 месяцев




Name of specialty

Trainig period






030205 4

Applied bachelor

11th grade

3 years 6 months

(with a diploma corresponding to the specialty)

1 year 6 мonths


Today 842 students have training in medical colleges and are trained by highly qualified teachers and the faculty. Total number of college graduates has reached 4326 thousand people who make the contribution to development of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The medical college is equipped with departments, the educational and clinical and simulation center, clinical-diagnostic laboratory, the computer testing and publishing center, library information center, the anatomic museum, the gym, the dormitory, the sports camps. Contracts are signed with clinical bases of Department of health care of the South Kazakhstan area in the medical organizations where students undergo professionally  professional and professional practice.


1199 1

1199 2

1199 3

1199 4

1199 5

1199 6


Staff of Medical college is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About work", the Civil code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Laws "About Education", "About Science","on the basis of regulations, the general standards of education, work, safety and fire-prevention activity which define the directions and development of education, pedagogics and psychology.

The director works with a faculty meeting, methodical council and the board of directors. Activity of college will be based on the Strategic plan Approved by the rector and the plan of "Development of faculty" for 2017-2021, the development plan for "Nursing" and the plan of "Personnel policy".

Documents of medical college reflect the main theoretical and practical aspects of the scientific organization of educational process in the following areas.

- guide to educational and methodical work of college,

- planning, organization, management and control of training process ,

- educational and methodical support of educational process,

- work with chiefs of departments, staff of college,

- high quality of services in training;

- establishment and change of external relations;

- high-quality preparation on introduction of advanced technologies in the organization of training of students, to strengthening of the material, educational and laboratory equipment, increase in level of pupils knowledge ;

- organization of day of "Open doors";

- placement of annual vacancies in employment;

- organization of "Job fairs".


The tasks set for staff of college:

- to increase quality of professionals;

- innovative training;

- development of educational and information technologies.

According to the Message of the President to the people of Kazakhstan "The global competitiveness" and "Five social initiatives of the President", "The road map of employment", the Concept of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 are implemented goals.

One of college functions is educational work: creation of educational Council in college, assessment of relationship between students and mentors and the organization of republican actions. Process of training is inseparably linked with educational work. Pupils participate in regional and city, regional and republican events.


Mission of medical college:

Formation and training of competitive, qualified personnel in the field of pharmaceutical and medical education in interior market of work.


Role of medical college in an education system: 

- To contribute to the intellectual and professional development of society by development of new generation of pharmaceutical and medical experts for labor market, development and increase in professional level of personnel according to the international quality standards


- The policy of Medical college is carried out in the following directions:

- Improvement of quality of teaching and educational activity.

- Introduction of innovative methods of pharmaceutical and medical education in educational process. 

- Formation and development of professional personal qualities of students.

- Education of youth in the spirit of the civil liability and patriotism which is intellectually developed and the exemplary personality.

1199 7



2nd Educational building, 2 nd floor, Medicine college, 200 room.



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