Department of scientific and clinical work, PhD doctoral and master's programs


The first mention of the Department dates back to the 90s of the last century.

The first order signed by the rector of SKSMA was issued for №388k of 10.11.1997. The new division began to function as the «Department of science» and in 2009 was renamed the «Scientific and clinical Department» (Order №99p of 17.09.2009).

The first head of the Department of was appointed corresponding member of the National academy of sciences, doctor of medical sciences, professor Bauer Embergenuly Altynbekov. A dozen years later, the Department was renamed, but the essence remained the same – to monitor departments for research work within the framework of initiative projects, to participate in joint scientific and technical projects.

On September 1 of 2020, by order of the rector, doctor of medical sciences, professor M.M. Rysbekov for №78 «Ө», the department was renamed into the «Department of scientific and clinical work, PhD doctoral and master's programs».

The main goal of the Department is to ensure effective and efficient management of scientific and clinical activities, as well as the educational process of PhD doctorate and master's degrees of the Academy.




The head of the Department since september 1, 2020 has been allocated Zhaksylyk Alikhan Altynkhanovich




The Department is composed:

Department of Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Work

Sector for Scientific Work

Sector of Doctoral and Master's Degree

Department of Project Management and Commercialization






Contact details:

Main building SKMА, room 204,424, Al-Farabi square 01, Shymkent


tel: 8(7252)-39-57-57 (*1029)





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