Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines


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History of the department: The history of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines begins in 1979 with the establishment of the Chimkent branch of the Alma-Ata State Medical Institute, in the structure that opened the Department of «History of the CPSU». The department has passed a difficult path of formation and development. The Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines traces its history back to 2015. Today, the department is managed by the Candidate of Historical Sciences, Shadiyar Aldiyarovich Ashirov. The department provides training for undergraduate and graduate students. Master's degrees in all specialties. The teaching is conducted in three languages: state, Russian, and English. Currently, the department employs 13 teachers, including 3 part-timers, 2 senior laboratory assistants. Among the teachers: 5 candidates of sciences, 2 candidates for PhD, 4 masters.



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The head of the department is candidate of historical sciences Shadiyar Aldiyarovich Ashirov



The task of the department: Training of highly qualified competitive medical and pharmaceutical specialists for the Southern region and the country as a whole on the basis of the achievements of modern science and practice, ready to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions in the medical and pharmaceutical industry through continuous improvement of competence and development of creative initiative. To teach students to analyze philosophical, political, social, economic and cultural phenomena and processes of modern society, to contribute to the formation of a worldview, methodological culture and to teach the ability to practically competently use the acquired knowledge in the professional spher


Basic training courses:

Bachelor course:

- Philosophy

- Sociology and Political Science

- Fundamentals of law and economics

Master's Degree Program:

- History and philosophy of science

- Psychology


The courses are taught for undergraduate and graduate students of all specialties in Kazakh, Russian, as well as for students of the specialty «General Medicine» in English.


Renewability of readable disciplines: Educational-methodical work of the department is carried out by credit technology. The teaching staff of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines conducts classes with students in Kazakh, Russian and English languages in all specialties of the Academy in 3 disciplines: philosophy, sociology and religious studies, the foundations of economic theory. Methodical work at the department is carried out with the purpose of full maintenance of readable disciplines with the corresponding EMCD.

Teachers of the department are the authors of educational and methodical publications that are available in the library fund of SKMA:

1. S.Taskymbaeva. "Economics of the theory of negligent". pos.- Shymkent, 2011. 220 copies.

2. S.Taskymbaeva, F.Maratayeva. "Fundamentals of economic theory" uch. The village of Karaganda. Ed. "Aknur" - 2017g. 90 Ex.

3. Kemelbekov KB, Orazimbetova Z.Sh., Erkinbekova A.S., Diysbaev M.T., "Дінтану" uch. The village of Almaty: "Evero" in 2017. 100 copies.

The Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines carries out work on the scientific direction "Ruhani Zhayyru - Kazakistani Armand bastaityn zhol." Teachers of the department publish annually scientific articles in scientific and practical conferences of international and republican scale. Over the past year, 1 educational and methodological manual and more than 15 scientific articles have been published, and a training and methodological manual on sociology is being prepared for publication. The staff of the department actively involves students of all specialties of SKMA in research activities.


Scientific priorities of the department:

Work on the scientific project within the framework of the program "Ruhani zhazyru".

1. General provisions Holy places of the South

2. Worship of native places

3. Monuments of personality - as the basis of spiritual development

4. Modern globalization of Kazakh culture


Scientific priorities of the department:

Currently, the department is working

Ashirov Sh.A. - c.h.s., associate professor, head of the department;
Ertaev M.A. - c.s.s., associate professor;
Zhanysbekov M.A. - c.h.s., associate professor;
Karataeva F.M. - m.e.s., sen.teacher;
Orazimbetova Z.Sh. - sen.teacher;
Taskinbaeva S. M. - sen.teacher;
Sabitov, T. ZH. - m.h.s, candidate for PhD, sen.teacher;
Abdrasilova S. T. - Master of political science, senior lecturer;
Burkhan M. A. - Master of Social Sciences, senior lecturer;
Beken N.B. - - Master of Social Sciences, senior lecturer;
Nysan G.E. - art. laboratory assistant;
Turmatova A.T. - art. laboratory assistant;



Address and contact information:

Tokaev №27

Phone (ATS): 40-82-22