The Department of Surgery, Oncology and Traumatology


History of department


In 1993, a medical faculty was established on the basis of the Shymkent Pharmaceutical Institute, at which the Department of General Surgery was organized, in 1994-1995 the departments of faculty and hospital surgery were established. Due to the reorganization of the UCSMU in 2009, these departments were reorganized into the Departments of Surgical Disciplines No. 1 and No. 2, which functioned separately until 2012. In 2012, both departments were merged into one Department of Surgical Disciplines, which functioned until July 2020. And in September 2020, it was divided into the Department of Surgery-1 and Surgery-2. In September 2023, the name of the Department of Surgery-2 was changed to "Surgery, Oncology and Traumatology". The department provides training in bachelor's degree (traumatology, 4th year), internship (oncology GP, 7th year) and residency (adult oncology, radiation oncology, traumatology). The subjects are taught in the State, Russian and English languages.
Work is also underway at the Faculty of continuous training of doctors in the form of specialization and improvement in surgery, oncology, and traumatology. In 2018, the UCGFA was reorganized into JSC South Kazakhstan Medical Academy. The department was headed in 1993-1996 by Prof. D.S.Seksenbaev, in 1996-1998 by D.M.O.S.Abdiev, in 1998-2001 by Prof. B.D.Seksenbaev, in 2001-2002 by Prof. M.M.Rysbekov, in 2002-2006 by Prof. R.T.Tazhimuratov, in 2007-2009 by Prof. M.H.Bigaliev, in 2009-2012 by assoc. Zhumabaev T.Zh., in 2013-2018, associate professor K.N.Zhumagulov. Since June 2018, the department has been headed by B.A. Abdurakhmanov, MD. The department and the RSE at the National Center of Expertise of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the initiative scientific and technical program of the Department: "Improvement and development of innovative, minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of surgical, oncological and traumatological patients using interventional radiology, endovascular oncology and endovideosurgical interventions."
In the scope of this scientific direction for the period from 2018 to 2024, over 100 scientific and methodological publications were published in medical journals, collections of scientific papers, 2 monographs were published, the results of over 30 patents for inventions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation were introduced into clinical practice and successfully applied, 2 author's certificates were obtained, 12 were completed and successfully protected master's theses, 2 doctoral theses are being completed. The results of scientific research have been reported at more than 20 conferences held both in Kazakhstan and abroad.
Integrated academic medical centers were established on the basis of a signed memorandum and agreements with the Tashkent Medical Academy, the Republican Specialized Surgery Center named after Academician V.Vakhidov of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Approval was received for joint research and training of undergraduates and doctoral students by the Scientific Center of Surgery named after A.N. Syzganov of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican Center of Transplantology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Scientific Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after Academician N.D. Batpenov of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bashkir State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. These centers also provide training for residents through academic mobility and clinical internship.
The staff of the department in 2022 successfully conducted the first intra-university, in 2023 the first international Olympiad in surgical disciplines. The department regularly operates a student scientific circle, the participants of which in 2024 took part in the international student Olympiad in Bukhara, taking prizes. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the staff of the department over the past period, good results have been shown in the accreditation of residency specialties in adult oncology, radiation oncology, traumatology and orthopedics.



Head of the Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Acting Professor
Abdurakhmanov Babur Anvarovich



Currently, the department has 1 Doctor of Medical Sciences, 1 Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor. There are 5 full–time employees of the department, the degree of settlement among the main teaching staff is 40%. The clinical bases of the department are the regional clinical hospital, the city clinical hospital No. 1, the city cancer center. With the participation of the staff of the department, modern innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment have been introduced in clinical bases: videolaparoscopic and videothoracoscopic methods, arthroscopy, endovascular interventions for tumors of various localizations, various reconstructive interventions on large joints.



Work in the operating room of the department staff

The main staff of the department:
1. Abdurakhmanov Babur Anvarovich – Head of the Department, MD, acting professor.
2. Esmembetov Izbasar Nagashbaevich – PhD, Associate Professor
3. Yusupov Amangeldy Mamaevich – assistant
4. Mahmud Arafovich Usmanov – assistant
5. Aida Kuralbaevna Abdramanova – assistant

1. Ormanov Nurgali Kerimbekovich – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
2. Murat Yendibaevich Zhanteev – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
3. Bektaev Yerkebai Talipbaevich – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
4. Davran Rashidovich Isametov – Assistant
5. Abdurasulov Rahim Ravshanbekovich – assistant
6. Mukhitdinova Irina Nikolaevna – assistant
7. Sultanbek Shokhanovich Musaev – assistant
8. Tumenbayeva Zhanar Saparkhanovna – Assistant, Master's degree
9. Altynbekova Nurila Khamytovna – assistant
10. Maulenov Zhaksylyk Orazbaevich – assistant
11. Avdametov Akram Athamovich – assistant
12.Mirzakhanova Akmaral Tastanbekovna – assistant
13.Kazybekov Serik Eldarovich – assistant
14.Duisebekov Murat Tavbekovich – assistant
15.Baitore Galim Pernebekuly – assistant
16.Smagulov Eldar Mukhanovich – assistant
17.Estemesov Nurzhan Tolegenovich – assistant
18.Userbayev Askhat Urazbaevich – assistant
19.Abdrakhmanov Yerbolat Abdrakhmanovich – assistant
20. Mirzametov Zafar Saidakhmetovich – assistant
21.Isakov Farhad Palakhaevich – assistant
22.Muminov Anvar Gafurovich – assistant
23. Alimkhanova Shakhlo Palakhaevna-assistant
24. Paten Serik Suleimanovich-assistant
25. Daneshov Olzhas Bakhytovich-assistant
26. Khalkhodzhayev Makhmudzhan Kamilzhanovich-assistant
27. Abdeshov Nurzhan Orynbasarovich-assistant




Contact information: The department has 4 study rooms. The clinical bases of the department are the regional clinical hospital (OKB), at Maily Kozha,4, the city Cancer Center (GOC), at A.Baitursynov, 85A, the city clinical hospital No. 1 (GKB 1), at D. Kurmanbekov 35, Metallistov Street, 16.


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