Department of propaedeutics of internal diseases


History of the department

The Department of "Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases and Faculty Therapy" was organized in February 1994. Courses "Fundamentals of Nursing" and "General patient care" were organized on the basis of the department. Prof. Tuzelbaev N.K., prof. Iskakov B.S., prof. Baidurin S.A.; prof. Bekmurzayeva E.K.; assoc. prof. Kauyzbai Zh.; associate professor Azhmukhanbetova A.Zh.; associate professor Yunuskhodzhaeva G.D.; associate professor Beisetaev O.B.; associate professor Kuibakov M.B.; PhD Seidemetov A.S.; PhD Seidakhmetova A.A., Kauyzbai Zh.A.

From September 2005 to 2018, the Department of "Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases" was headed by MD. prof. Bekmurzayeva E.K.

Professor Bekmurzayeva E.K. has published more than 175 scientific and methodological works, 80 of them after defending her doctoral dissertation, 8 textbooks, and is also a co-author of 4 patents for the invention. Scientific and pedagogical experience of 27 years.

Under the leadership of E.K. Bekmurzayeva, 3 candidates of medical sciences were trained, who received approval from the Committee for Control and Certification in the Field of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Professor Bekmurzayeva E.K. is: member of the Presidium of the Association of Therapists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Professor of the European Scientific Society of Germany, full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany).

At the moment , Prof. Bekmurzayeva E.K. gives lectures at a professional level not only at the department, but also in other universities of the near and far abroad under the academic mobility program, and also conducts practical and classroom classes with innovative methods of problem-oriented and student-centered teaching to 3rd-year students in the specialty "General Medicine".

Since September 2010, the department has been called "Undergraduate Therapy". And since April 2018, it has been transformed again into the Department of "Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases".

From March 1, 2018 to 09/01/2019, he was the head of the department of Candidate of Medical Sciences, assoc. professor Kauyzbai Zhumaly Aripbayuly. Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Kauyzbai Zh.A. holder of the diploma "Halyk kurmet", "Kurmet". He is also the author of many educational publications.

Since 01.09.2019, the department has been headed by PhD, Acting associate Professor Sadykova G.S. The achievements in the development of teaching by G.S. Sadykova in medical universities are rated very highly. At the moment, PhD in Medical Sciences and Associate Professor G.S. Sadykova conducts practical classes and lectures at the department on a professional level in Kazakh and Russian. She is the author of 35 educational publications and 8 textbooks, also has letters of thanks "KR Tauelsizdik kunine", "Nur Otan partiyasy".

Since 01.09.2022, Professor E.K. Bekmurzayeva, MD, was appointed head of the Department of "Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases".



Head of the department, Professor D.M.N. Bekmurzayeva E.K.



Tasks of the department:

• implementation of the Policy and Objectives of the UCMA in the field of quality within the competence of the department.
• compliance with the requirements of the quality management system (QMS).
• implementation of the educational process in the assigned disciplines in accordance with the legislative and regulatory acts of higher professional education approved by the curriculum of the discipline programs.
• creating conditions to meet the needs of students in educational and scientific activities.
• improvement of organizational scientific and educational-methodical support of basic educational programs.
• development of new learning technologies.


Basic training courses:

- Propaedeutics of internal diseases - 1, 2 in the specialty "General Medicine" for 3rd year students in 3 languages.
- Propaedeutics of internal diseases - 1, 2 in the specialty "Nursing", "Pediatrics", "Dentistry" for 3rd year students in the state and Russian languages.
- Nursing in therapy in the specialty "Nursing" for 4th year students in the state and Russian languages.

Disciplines are taught in Kazakh, Russian and English languages:
Updating of the disciplines read: 30-40% of the disciplines read are updated annually.

Scientific priorities of the department:

The teaching staff of the department continuously conducts scientific research in various areas and introduces new clinical and pedagogical technologies into the educational process. In 2012-2015 and 2015-2017, 2 initiative STPs were carried out at the department.
Since March 2018, the department has been working within the framework of applied research work in conjunction with MUA No. GR 0118RK00979 "Development and scientific justification of preventive measures to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality depending on climate change in the Southern region of Kazakhstan". The teaching staff actively carries out scientific The teaching staff of the department systematically participates in national and international scientific articles, theses are published at the university, National, and international levels.

Teaching aids of the department:


Title of the book, textbook, textbook




Type of publication




Date of approval


Blood diseases

Baizhanova K.T., Bekmurzayeva E.K.

Study guide


ӘК №5 от 24.05.2010


Examination of the patient with the basics of syndromic diagnostics

Bekmurzayeva E.K., Sedakhmetova A.A.,Azizova A.A., Morialieva G.A., Seidalieva F.M.

Study guide


ӘК №12 от 24.06.2014


Modern diagnostics of frequently occurring diseases of the endocrine system

Bekmurzayeva E.K., Smetova R.A., Seidalieva F.M., Aralbayeva L.B.

Study guide


ӘК №6 от 22.12.2015


Modern diagnostics of the most common diseases of the endocrine system

Bekmurzayeva E.K., Smetova R.A., Seidalieva F.M., Abdukarimova Zh.M., Zhien A.K.

Study guide


ӘК №6 от 22.12.2015


Prevention of socially significant diseases

Bekmurzayeva E.K., Seidalieva F.M.,Smetova R.A., Korganbayeva H.T.

Study guide


ӘК №12 от22.06.2016


Prevention of socially significant diseases

Bekmurzayeva E.K.,Azizova A.A.,Smetova R.A., Abdukarimova Zh.M., Korganbaeva H.T., Botabekova A.K.

Study guide


ӘК №9 от 26.05.2017



Sadykova G.S.,Bekmurzayeva E.K.,Yunusmetov E.Sh.,Tazhibaeva A.B.

Study guide


ӘОЖ 616.12-073.7(075.8)

КБЖ 53.4



Introduction to the clinic

Sadykova G.S.,Korganbaeva K.T.,Abdukarimova Zh.M.,Rysbekova G.A.,Rustem T.Y.,Seil B.B.

Study guide






Fundamentals of semiotics of internal diseases

Bekmyrzaeva E.K., Seil B.S., Avazov S.S.,

Rysbekova G.A., Auanassova A.T.

Study guide


UDC 616.1/4(075.8)

LBC 54.1





Currently , the department is working:



1. Bekmurzayeva Elmira Kuanyshovna - Head of the Department, MD, Professor

2. Sadykova Gulzhan Saparovna - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor

3. Baidullaev Bahram Muzaffarovich - assistant

4. Akhaeva Laura Zhaksylykovna - head teacher, assistant

5. Toktarova Gulnaz Abdimalikovna - assistant

6. Bathieva Madina Bekenovna - assistant

7. Amangeldieva Gulfairuz Seytimovna - assistant

8. Askar Zhansaya Mukhtarovna - assistant

9. Nurmakhanova Raikhan Ersinbekovna - senior laboratory assistant

10. Kuralova A.E. - laboratory assistant



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