Residency Department



Bektenova Gulmira Erseitovna
The head of residency department, professor


Residency is a form of in-depth postgraduate medical education on clinical specialties. Training of specialists in residency is carried out to ensure the health care industry with qualified personnel. Resident-trainees, who have completed residency training, are issued a document of state sample.
SKMA realizes educational programs for the following specialties of residency:


1.    7R01101 «Adult, children’s cardiology»
2.    7R01102 «Adult, children’s rheumatology»
3.    7R01103 «Allergology and immunology, for adults, children»
4.    7R01104 «Adult, children’s gastroenterology»
5.    7R01105 «Adult hematology»
6.    7R01106 «Children’s oncology and hematology»
7.    7R01104 «Adult, children’s pulmonology»
8.    7R01108 « Endocrinology for adults, children»
9.    7R01109 «Nephrology for adults, children»
10.    7R01111 «Infectious diseases, for adults, children»
11.    7R01113 «Psychiatry for adults, children»
12.    7R01114 «Radiology»
13.    7R01115 «Radiation oncology»
14.    7R01117 «Anesthesiology and resuscitation for adults, children»
15.    7R01120 «Neurosurgery for adults, children»
16.    7R01123 «Pediatric surgery»
17.    7R01124 «Adult oncology »
18.    7R01125 «Traumatology-orthopedics, for adults and children»
19.    7R01126 «Urology and andrology for adults, children»
20.    7R01128 «Otorhinolaryngology for adults, children»
21.    7R01130 «Pediatrics»
22.    7R01131 «Neonatology»
23.    7R01132 «Obstetrics and gynecology for adults, children»
24.    7R01136 «General surgery»
25.    7R01137 «Adult, children’s neurology»
26.    7R01138 «Family Medicine»
27.    7R01139 «Therapy»
28.    7R01140 «Physical medicine and rehabilitation for adults, children»
29.    7R01142 «Clinical pharmacology»


The department includes:

- the head of the department
- supervisor of the department


Information about employees of department:
1. The head of the department – Bektenova Gulmira Erseitovna
2. Supervisor of the department – Aitzhan Meruert Aitzhankyzy
3. Supervisor of the department– Mukasheva Laura Sabetbekovna


The main goal of department is training of clinical staff.

The main objectives of department are:
- implementation of activities in the field of training of highly qualified personnel in residency;
- implementation and further improvements within the department of the quality of training at the present level that meets the requirements of state educational standards and modern trends that are emerging in the market of educational services;
- maintenance of high academic and labor discipline among students, good order and organization.


The main functions of department:
- Department coordinates and supervises the educational process and scientific activity of residents.
- Organizes, supervises and regulates all forms of educational process in the departments involved in training of residents.




Contact details:
Shymkent, Sq. Al-Farabi, 3, building №2, 1-floor, 106-room
Tel: 8 (7252) 39-57-57 (1028)






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- Должностная инструкция методиста отдела резидентуры

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