Department of «Pathology and Forensic Medicine»

The history of the department


On the basis of the Scientific Council of JSC SKMA dated August 22, 2023 (Protocol No. 1), from September 01, 2023, the Department of «Pathological Anatomy and Histology» was transformed into the Department of «Pathology and Forensic Medicine».
Aliya Shamilyevna Sadykova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Acting Professor, was appointed head of the department.
Currently, the staff of the department includes 1 Doctor of Medical Sciences, 1 Candidate of Medical Sciences and 4 acting associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 3 senior teachers and 6 teachers. The Department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine is an educational department specializing in «6B10101 – General Medicine, 6B10102 – Pediatrics, 6B10103-Dentistry, 6B10106-Pharmacy».



Head of the Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Acting Professor Sadykova Aliya Shamilevna


The purpose of the department:
- formation of students' knowledge about the etiology and pathogenesis of homogeneous disease processes, principles of prevention and correction;
- formation of students' skills in the pathological analysis of the results of clinical and laboratory studies;

The composition of the department:
- Implementation within the competence of the department around the goals and policies of the SKMA;
- Meeting the requirements of the quality management system;
- Expansion of academic mobility;
- Integration of education and science, involvement of students in scientific work;
- Training of competitive specialists who meet the requirements of international standards of education and science;

Educational program:
1. General Medicine
2. Pediatrics
3. Dentistry
4. Pharmacy

The main academic disciplines:
1. General pathological anatomy
2. Organs and systems pathological anatomy
3. Pathological anatomy
4. General pathological physiology
5. Pathological physiology of organs and systems
6. Pathological physiology

The courses are conducted in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. The updatability of the studied disciplines is reviewed annually and the educational and methodological complex, materials of practical classes, control and measuring devices are updated.
The base of practices
In order to train highly qualified specialists, the department constantly works in close contact with clinical bases. Clinical bases of the department: "Regional Pathology Bureau" Nursat micr, Argynbekova 125/4, "Shymkent City Institute of Forensic Examination" Sman Azim 125.
In order to identify pathologies in the educational process and practical work, the staff of the department conducts autopsies of with the participation of students.

Scientific work of the department
The teaching staff of the department conducts research in various areas and introduces new clinical and pedagogical technologies into the educational process. The systematic teaching staff of the department participates in national and international scientific conferences with reports and publications. Students actively participate in interuniversity, regional, national and international scientific and practical conferences.
Research interests: pathology of organs and systems, forensic medicine.

The composition of the department:

1. Sadykova A.Sh., Head of the Department of d.m.s., acting professor
2. Dosybaev B.K., acting associate professor
3. Bisimbayeva S.B., acting associate professor
4. Kulbalieva Zh.Zh., acting associate professor
5. Sedykh E.P., M.G.K., acting associate professor
6. Kerimov R.A., senior lecturer
7. Berdalieva G.B., senior lecturer
8. Ignatieva A.I., senior lecturer
9. Abildina K.B.Master's degree, assistant
10. Adilkhanova R.A., teacher
11. Atenova N.A., assistant
12. Kurymbaeva A.R., assistant
13. Edige A. J., Master's degree ,assistant
14. Duisembieva D.M., teacher
15. Sartayeva U.S., Master's degree, teacher
16. Kerimbekova M.O., teacher
17. Seydakbar A.U., teacher
18. Zhumagul K.K., Master's degree, teacher
19. Kadirsizova K.S., senior laboratory assistant
20. Shonbaeva F.K., senior laboratory assistant
21. Rustem E.N., senior laboratory assistant
22. Kalenova B.B. laboratory assistant


Location of the department:
Shymkent, Al-Farabi square 3, academic building № 2, 4th floor;
E-mail of the department:





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