Department of students accounting

Order number 105p from 08.27.2015 the students’ department was renamed to the student accounting department.

The department for accounting students is a structural unit of the Academy.


The main purpose of the activities of DoSA are

safety and record keeping of students’personal files


The main tasks of the DoSA:

- taking into account the movement of the student contingent (bachelor degree, internship on the basis of the orders of the rector);

- timely preparation and submission to higher authorities and subdivisions of the SKMA annual (form 3-NK,), monthly (information on the contingent of students) statistical reports;

- registration and issuance of diplomas, certificates, academic certificates; - preparation of duplicates of lost documents (diplomas, certificates of completion of internship, credit books, student cards);

- preparation of excerpts from test scores.


The main functions of the department for students:

- perspective and current planning and inspection of all types of activities of the OUS;

- will control the registration and management of students' personal files;

- registration and issuance of academic certificates and diplomas;

- registrationofstatisticalreports;


The structure of the department includes:

- Head of Department;

- specialist of the department;

- Specialist of the department. 


1321 1

Zhipsibayeva U. - head of Department




1321 2

Ilimova S. - specialist of the department




1321 3

Bortsova I. - specialist of the department



Contact information:

head of Department - Zhipsibayeva Urzhan

Address: Shymkent, Al-Farabi square, 1/1, main building, 1st floor, room 126

Tel.: 8(7252)40-82-22 вн.214






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