Department of organization and management of pharmaceutical business



Brief history of the department


The Department of Organization and Management of Pharmaceutical Affairs was organized in 1982 and is one of the specialized departments of the Academy.
In the early years of the formation of the Academy for the department of organization and management of pharmaceutical business, scientific personnel were trained through full-time postgraduate study at Moscow Medical Academy. I.M.Shechenova: Arystanov Zh.M. (1985), Zhumabayev N.ZH. (1992), Shertaeva K.D. (1992).


The heads of the departments were:
• Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor Kalashnikova Raisa Artemovna (1982-1996);
• doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor Makhatov Bauyrzhan Kalzhanovich (1999-2002);
• Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor Zhumabayev Narbek Zhumabayevich (2002-2004);
• doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor Arystanov Zhalgaskali Mergalievich (1996-1999, 2004-2012);
• from October 2012 to the present, the head of the department is Dr. Ph.D., Professor Shertaeva Klara Dzholbarisovna.



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Shertaeva Klara Dzholbarisovna
Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor, Head. of department



Main objectives: the training of specialists with deep theoretical and practical training, strong professional knowledge and skills that meet state educational standards in the specialty "Pharmacy" and the demands of the pharmaceutical labor market.

Basic training courses:
6В-10106- "Pharmacy" along the trajectory "Pharmacist of General Practice" - Module " Basics of the organization of pharmaceutical activity " – 2,3 year students.
6В-10106- "Pharmacy" along the trajectory "Pharmacy Manager" - Module " Management and Economics of Pharmacy with Marketing and Management " – 4,5 year students.
6В-10106- "Pharmacy" along the trajectory "Clinical Pharmacist" - Module " Economic, logistic and informational bases of management in the field of medicinal circulation " – 4,5 year students.

Since 2010, the department has trained undergraduates in the specialty 7М10142- "Pharmacy in two directions":
• scientific and pedagogical;
• profile.

In the process of learning undergraduates master the following disciplines:

1. Communicative skills
2. Pharmaceuticals Logistic
3. Personnel management
4. Pharmacy Management and Marketing, Management
5. Distributor practice
6. Pharmacoeconomicy
7. Trained and financial management
9. Pharmaceutical logistic and bases of pharmaceutical information and good Pharmaceutical practice
10. Communicative skills

In 2018, the doctoral program in the specialty 8D10140- “Pharmacy” was institutionalized.
The faculty of the department has developed a modular curriculum for the specialty 8D10140 - “Pharmacy” (doctorate), which includes the following elective disciplines:

1. "State regulation of the production and circulation of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment"
2. "Communicative competence in the field of drug circulation"
3. "The concept of marketing research in pharmacy"
4. “The Organizational Basis for Good Pharmacy Practices (GXP)”
5. "Social Pharmacy"

In accordance with the program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, classes are conducted in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) within the framework of "multilingualism" and are conducted in the following disciplines:
In English, classes are conducted:
«Medical and Pharmaceutical merchandising»
«Personnel management»

The following teaching and methodical literature in the state and russian languages was published by the faculty of the department:
• Pharmaceuticals marketing
•Collection of legislative and regulatory acts regulating pharmaceutical activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan
• Pharmacy Economics
• Communicative skills in pharmacy
• Medical and pharmaceutical merchandising
• Pharmaceutical marketing
• Pharmaceutical Consulting
• Pharmaceutical management
• Basics of pharmacoeconomics

Work programs are developed and regularly updated according to the SGES and model program, the catalog of elective disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels is reviewed annually. Annually, additions and changes are made to the disciplines. Literary support of the disciplines taught by the department is regularly updated.

The department are made two initiative scientific and technical programs:
• Theoretical, scientific and applied research of marketing management in the system of drug supply at the regional level.
• Scientific and methodological substantiation of the provision of pharmaceutical assistance in emergency situations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Directions of researches department of OandMPhB
Theoretical, and scientific researches in the field drug circulation and pharmaceutical education
• development of theoretical - applied approaches for the implementation effective mechanisms of public administration and regulation pharmaceutical activities in accordance with international standards and requirements and features of the development domestic pharmaceutical industry;
• studing of the problems regulatory and legal regulation of pharmaceutical activities, the circulation of medicines (drugs), medical products and para-pharmaceutical products in the domestic pharmaceutical market
• researingof the problems and prospects for the development pharmaceutical education sector for improving the domestic pharmaceutical industry in accordance with the international requirements of the Bologna Declaration and the specifics of the domestic pharmaceutical market;
• • substantiation of effective pharmaeconomic mechanisms (pricing, insurance, crediting, taxation, investment) regulating the organization of pharmaceutical care (services) provided to the population in conditions of limited health resources and in terms of introducing the social model of compulsory health insurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
• development of scientific approaches to the implementation of effective pricing mechanisms and reimbursement (compensation) of the cost consumed drugs and medical devices in the context of reforming the national health care system and pharmacy in the direction of introducing the social model of CHI;
• studing of modern social and psychological principles in the organization of pharmaceutical activity in the conditions of development of the domestic market of drugs and medical devices;
• scientific substantiation of the strategy for the development of public associations in domestic pharmacy and directions for the development of the social movement in the pharmaceutical community;
• theoretical and applied research of marketing management in the system of drug provision of the population.

Currently are working at the department:

1. Shertaeva K.D. - Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor, Head. Of department
2. Zhumabayev.N.ZH. - Ph.D., acting professor
3. Blinova O.V. - Ph.D., acting professor
4. Shimirova Zh.K. - Ph.D., acting assistant professor
5. Sapakbay MM - Ph.D., acting assistant professor
6. Umurzakhova G.ZH. - PhD
7. Utegenova G.I. – PhD, and. assistant professor
8. Mamytbayeva K.ZH. - Master of Pharmacy, Senior teacher
9. Urazbayeva S.A. - Senior teacher
10. Bubeshova M.S. - Master of Pharmacy, Senior teacher
11. Dzhabarkulova S.K. - Master of Pharmacy, Senior teacher
12.Orynbayeva A.D. - Master of Pharmacy, Senior teacher
13. Pernebaeva G.A. - Senior Assistant
14. Nietova G.T. - Senior Assistant


The department is located at:
Shymkent, pl. Al-Farabi-1
Telephone: 8(7252)40-82-22 (internal:327)






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