Department introduction to the clinic


History of the department


The department "Introduction to the clinic" was established on June 30, 2021. On the basis of the department were organized two main disciplines "Introduction to the profession" and "Introduction to the clinic". Teachers of the department are responsible for the creation and organization of the department, the systematization of educational and methodological documentation, strengthening the clinical base.
In 2021, the Department of "Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine" was separated from the Department of "Introduction to the Clinic". It
Head of the Department Ph.D., Associate Professor m / a. Headed by Zhumadilova Akmaral Rakhmatullaevna.

Tasks of the department:
• Implementation of tasks and objectives in the field of quality SKMA within the competence of the department.
• compliance with the requirements of the quality management system (QMS).
• implementation of educational knowledge in the approved disciplines in accordance with the approved curriculum in accordance with the approved curriculum.
• creating conditions to meet the needs of students in education and research.
• Improving the organizational, scientific and educational support of basic educational programs.
• development of new learning technologies and use of new platforms.

Basic training courses:
- Introduction to the specialty - 1st year students majoring in "General Medicine" in 3 languages
- Introduction to the clinic - 2nd year students majoring in "General Medicine" in 3 languages.
Disciplines are taught in Kazakh, Russian and English: Updated disciplines: 30-40% of disciplines are updated annually.

Scientific advantages of the department:
The teaching staff of the department constantly conducts research in various areas and introduces new clinical and pedagogical technologies in the educational process.



Zhumadilova Akmaral Rakhmatullaeva.
Head of the Department of Introduction to the Clinic, Phd
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor



The teaching staff of the department:

1. Zhumadilova Akmaral Rakhmatullaeva – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor, Head of the Department;
2. Ababakirova Dilsara Talibbaevna – head assistant
3. Nasreddinov Beksultan Marat ugli – assistant
4. Ermolaeva Olga Aleksandrovna – assistant
5. Orinbasar Sabit Abdraimovich – assistant
6. Ergalieva Bereke Kasymhanovna – assistant
7. Umbetaly Togzhan Umbetalyevn – assistant
8. Tashimbetova Orazkul Zhakipbekova – assistant
9. Sarkulova Iroda Sabyrzhanovna – assistant
10. Symanova Zhuldyz Turganbaevna – assistant
11. Moldiyarov Miras Shedrinuly – assistant
12. Berdibekova Klara Orazaliyevna – assistant


Laboratory assistants:

1. Nyshanbay Diana - senior laboratory assistant
2. Nalibaeva Gulzhan - laboratory assistant


Address and contact information of the department:
Street: Zhandosova - 92, №2 Modular educational building of the multidisciplinary city hospital.
Electronic address:






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