The Republic of Kazakhstan is the first Central Asian member state of the Bologna declaration and the full participant of the European educational space.

Having joined Bologna Process, the participating countries assume obligations for performance of its key parameters.

Obligatory parameters are considered as primary for creation of Zone of the European higher education and advance of the European system of the higher education worldwide.


Obligatory parameters of Bologna Process:

• Three-level system of the higher education;

• Academic credits of ECTS;

• Academic mobility of students, teachers and administrative personnel of higher education institutions;

• European appendix to the diploma;

• Quality control of the higher education;

• Creation of uniform European Atomic Energy Community.


Recommendatory parameters have advisory nature and are useful in advance of the principles of Bologna Process.


Recommendatory parameters of Bologna Process:

• Uniform European estimates;

• Active involvement of students;

• Social support of needy students;

• Education during all life.


Facultative parameters have the big importance in planning and the organization of educational process taking into account interests of employers and inquiries of society.

Facultative parameters of Bologna Process

• Harmonization of the content of education in the preparation directions;

• Nonlinear trajectories of training of students, elective courses;

• Modular system;

• Distance learning, electronic courses;

• Academic ratings of students and teachers. 

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