Department of Social Affairs and Youth Policy


Salim Yerbol

Head of the Department for Social Affairs and Youth Policy:

Salim Erbol Kaltursynovich

Tel (internal): (87252) 39-57-57 (1036)



General rules:

Social Issues and Youth Policy Department is governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative and organizational documents of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (hereinafter - SKMA), internal normative documents, regulations.

Social Issues and Youth Policy Department  is a separate structural subdivision of SKMA and directly subordinates to the Head of Social Issues and Youth Policy Department.

The Head of "Youth Policy" office of Social Issues and Youth Policy Department and specialists are appointed by the rector among the most qualified teaching stuff who have at least 5 years of experience in scientific and pedagogical or practical activities.

The Head of the Social Issues and Youth Policy Department appoints the duties of the employees in accordance with the job description.


The main goals and objectives of Social Issues and Youth Policy Department:

The main goal of Social Issues and Youth Policy Department is to organize the social work of teachers and students in SKMA to protect students and teachers with low incomes, to encourage teachers and students, to plan educational activities, and their implementation in accordance with plans and measures at the state level, youth policy implementation in accordance with the internal order and the Mission of JSC "SKMA". 


About social and youth policy department:
Control over the work of social and youth policy department is provided by the vice-rector for educational-methodological work.
The main work of the department is educational work and youth policy program in South - Kazakhstan State Medical Academy, and it is aimed at the formation of patriotic awareness, love for the motherland, development of spiritual and human qualities, inter-ethnic tolerance and social harmony, moral values, different interests and personality traits.



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Chief specialist of the Department of social affairs and youth policy Baiymbetova Bayan Seytzhapbarovna


- Protecting the interests of socially vulnerable and disadvantaged students;
- Formation of statistical documents, lists of socially vulnerable students and students from low-income families twice a year;
- Nomination of students with a difficult social situation for the rector's scholarship, taking into account the academic performance of students;
- Monitor the social status of students, together with the registered departments;
- In the academic year, twice a year provide to the management a list of allowances for financial assistance to orphans and the disabled students;
- To organize the delivery of gifts to married students on the eve of the New Year holidays;
- Carrying out charitable activities among socially vulnerable students;
- The provision of material assistance to socially vulnerable and low-income students.



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Department of social affairs and youth policy 

Talgatbek Aisulu Kanapiyakyzy - specialist


- protection of the interests of the family of low-income teachers;
- conducting motivational events for teachers;
- providing the management with a list of low-income workers in need of financial assistance;
- monitoring of the social status of teachers together with registered departments;
- development of a program and strategy for countering religious extremism and terrorism;
- organization and holding of meetings, round tables on education of respect for the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, public and social life;
- organization of meetings and excursions to historical places, education of respect for the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- holding charity events;
- sismatic contact with the staff.



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The Head of Youth policy department:
Таszhanov Berik Rahmanaliylu

Office phone: (87252) 39-57-57 (1036)





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Kerimbekova Zina Kapankyzy - leading specialist


- Contributes to the development of youth self-government, effective organization of leisure;
- Provides current and long-term planning of the Student Council of SKMA;
- Involves students and activists in social work, conducts educational work with them;
- Participates in the organization and holding of competitions, art festivals, sports competitions;
- Keeps records of active students;
- Takes measures to increase the role of physical culture in the health of students and staff;
- Carries out educational work on the formation of a healthy lifestyle with the involvement of students and public figures;
- Participates in the development of reports, long-term and annual plans;
- Organizes the work assigned to the RK;
- Obliged to provide methodological and practical assistance to specialists of the department, student clubs, Boards of Trustees, student governments.



Specialist in aesthetic and social work: Akkul Abusaid Zakiruly


- Holds activities, for the students of the Academy, aimed at social and psychological well-being and conducts social research for the purpose of carrying out;
- Controls students’ condition at the hostel of SKMA and takes measures to overcome negative cases;
- Organizes the work of hostel students’ council, controls the implementation of their work plan;
- Coordinates the work of student union in order to provide social assistance for students;
- Controls nutritional condition of students at the canteens and cafeterias of the Academy and takes measures to eliminate violations;
- Coordinates social protection of orphan-students;
- Organizes the work with the veterans of Second World War, Labor and rear area;
- Promotes creative achievements of students with the help of mass media;
- Contributes to the development of creative abilities and capacities of students holding contests, improves the quality of their training;
- Instills a sense of respect for the state symbols, historical monuments of Kazakhstan by holding meetings and travellings;
- Special work with mass media;
- Gathers information about students who may be under the influence of religious extremism groups with the help of questionnaires and checklists;
- Organizes and holds campaigns, round tables, meetings against religious extremism and terrorism.



Music director: Tungyshbaev Beybarys Nurlanuly

Music Director's Responsibilities:
- to show the image, content, and emotional depth of a work through musical instruments;
- to show the image, content, and emotional depth of a work through musical instruments;
- performing pieces on musical instruments using various playing techniques;
- Be able to manage their own activities, understand the idea of musical creativity in accordance with other performers;
- perform as a solo artist;
- to work in a musical ensemble;
- conduct, lead an entire musical ensemble or other performers;
- accompany a solo performer or ensemble;
- Development of youth self-governance, effective organization of leisure activities;
- Organize and hold events dedicated to solemn evenings and public holidays, and participate in cultural and mass events of Shymkent city;
- Participate in the organization and holding of contests, festivals of artistic creativity, spartakiads;
Organize work on behalf of the PMO;



Contact details: 
Main building SKMA, Youth Policy Department, 0 floor (basement),
Al-Farabi square 01, Shymkent.
Tel: 8(7252)39-57-57 (*1036)