Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology


History of the department


The Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology was founded in 1982. The founder and the first head from 1982 to 1993 was Professor I.Sh. Zabirov, who for the first time in Kazakhstan established the specialty "Clinical Pharmacy" in hospitals. I.Sh. Zabirov also actively introduced the achievements of clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy into practical health care.
From 1994 to 2015, the department was headed by Doctor of medical sciences, professor Ormanov N.Zh. Under his leadership, a curriculum in pharmacology was developed for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, textbooks were written in the Kazakh language for almost all disciplines taught at the department.
From 2015 to 2019, the department was headed by Doctor of medical sciences, professor Kerimbayeva Z.A. Under her leadership, in accordance with the reform of medical education at the department, the principles of evidence-based medicine were introduced into the educational process, which made it possible to improve the quality of medical care. Also, the department took part in the Roadmap and the implementation of the project "Modernization of medical education" for 2016-2019. According to subcomponent C "Reform of medical education and science", the department has implemented the use of clinical protocols for diagnosis and treatment in the educational process. Under the leadership of professor Kerimbayeva Z.A. at the department a new modular educational program "Clinical Pharmacist" in the specialty "Pharmacy" were developed for undergraduates, modular curriculum "Rational use of drugs" for undergraduates in the specialty "Medicine" and "Pharmacy" has been used in the educational process.
Kerimbaeva Z.A. was the scientific supervisor of undergraduates and doctoral PhD students. She has a letter of gratitude from the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the scientific guidance of the winner of the republican competition for the best scientific work of young scientists in natural, technical, humanitarian sciences in 2010.
In 2017, she was awarded the badge "Excellence in Healthcare" from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
At different times, at the Department the following people had worked: doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor Abdullabekova R.M., Ph.D. associate professor Korolchuk E.I., Ph.D., associate professor Daniyarova A.Zh., Ph.D. Popandopulo P.Kh., Ph.D., associate professor Kadeeva M.S., Viktorenko S.N., Ph.D. Atanbekova D.P., Ph.D. Ormanov T.N.,
Since August 2021, the department is headed by candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, associate professor Zhanat Sadebekovna Toxanbayeva.


Zhanat Sadebekovna Toxanbayeva
Head of the Department «Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology»
candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, associate professor



Main goals and objectives
The purpose of the department is to train students with higher professional education, academic degrees, retraining and advanced training of personnel, as well as conducting scientific research.
The department accomplishes this goal by performing the following functions:
- implementation of the Policy and Goals of JSC "SKMA" in the field of quality within the competence of the department;
- compliance with the requirements of the quality management system (QMS);
- defining a strategy and making a decision on the programmatic planning of its work;
- training and graduation of specialists in basic educational programs of higher education, programs of postgraduate and additional professional education, implementing the requirements of the state compulsory educational standard (SES), with deep theoretical and necessary practical knowledge in demand on the labor market;
- implementation of the educational process in the assigned disciplines in accordance with the legislative and regulatory acts of higher professional education, the approved curriculum, discipline programs;
- creating conditions for meeting the needs of students in intellectual, cultural and moral development in the process of educational and scientific activities;
- improving the organizational, scientific and educational-methodological support of basic educational programs;
- development of new innovative teaching technologies;
- strengthening partnerships with leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other countries, enterprises and organizations in accordance with the profile of the department.
Basic training courses
6В10106 - "Pharmacy" in the trajectory "Pharmacist of general practice" - Module "Pharmacology and pharmacotherapy" - 3-5 year.
6В10105 - "Pharmacology" for the specialty "Public health" - 2 year.
6В10104 - "Pharmacology" for the specialty "Nursing" - 2 year.
6В10103 - "Pharmacology" for the specialty "Dentistry" - 3 course.
6В10101 - "Pharmacology" and "Clinical Pharmacology" for the specialty "General Medicine" – 3-5 year.
The department also teaches the discipline "Clinical Pharmacology" for students in the 6th year internship and 1,2 years of 7R01142 Residency according to the State Educational Standard of Education 2017.
All disciplines of the department are taught in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. An educational-methodical complex of disciplines (EMCD) has been developed. The department pursues a policy of multilingualism (Kazakh, Russian, English), additionally EMCD were developed in three languages in the subjects "Pharmacology" and "Pharmaceutical care", "Rational use of drugs" for undergraduate and "Clinical pharmacology" for internship.
Work programs are developed and regularly updated in accordance with the State Educational Standard, the catalog of elective disciplines at the bachelor's, internship and master's levels is reviewed annually. Additions and changes are made annually for the disciplines. The literary support of the taught disciplines of the department is regularly updated.

Scientific priorities of the department
Scientific work is being actively carried out at the department. Scientific directions of the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology:
1. "Pharmacological research of medicinal plants in Kazakhstan and the creation of prerequisites for the development of domestic drugs"
2. "Pharmacoepidemiological and pharmacoeconomic studies of the rationality of the use of drugs."
The department has a student scientific club, which includes students from all faculties, including the international one. Students of the scientific club take an active part in the scientific life of the department, in student conferences, in the scientific research work of the department in separate fragments.
The teaching staff actively participates in conferences, seminars, round tables held in SKMA and other organizations.


Currently, the department employs:
1. Toxanbayeva Zh. S - Candidate of pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor, head of the department;
2. Ormanov N.Zh. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor;
3. Pernebekova R.K., Candidate of biological sciences, associate professor
4.Ibragimova A.G. - Candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, acting associate professor
5.Korganbaeva Z.S. - Candidate of biological sciences, Acting Associate Professor
6. Abuova G.T. - Candidate of biological sciences, Acting Associate Professor 
7. Tashimova S.A. - Candidate of medical sciences, Acting Associate Professor
8.Syrmanova N.R. - Master of Medical Sciences, senior teacher;
9.Agabek A.U. - Master of Medical Sciences, teacher;
10. Muyutova M.N. - Master of Medical Sciences, teacher;
11. Izmaganbetova A.U. - senior teacher;
12. Duysembaeva B.T. - senior teacher;
13. Dustanova Zh.T. -Senior Lecturer;
14. Orynbassarov Y.K. -Senior Lecturer;
15. Abdiganiev A.A. -Senior Lecturer;
16.Inkizhino Z.O. -Senior Lecturer;
17. Sultanbekova A.N. - teacher;
18. Orynbassar S.A. - teacher;
19. Yergalieva B.K. - teacher;
20. Omirserik M.N. - teacher;
21. Saparbay A.S. - teacher;
22.Abubakirov B - teacher;
23.Niyazova G.N. - Senior Assistant;
24. Sanaly A.S - Senior Assistant;
25. Rakhymbaeva B.B. - Senior Assistant;
26. Tuzel A.A. - assistant;



Contact information:
Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Al-Farabi square No.1, main building, 4th floor.
E-mail address of the department:








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