Sector for Scientific Work


The Sector of Scientific Work is a division of JSC «SKMA» engaged in conducting scientific research, publishing scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, attracting and cooperating with foreign scientists, scientific research and development. The «Sector of Scientific Work» was created by the order of the Rector of JSC «SKMA» dated 09/05/2023 No.81P On Amendments and additions to the staffing table of JSC «SKMA».



Seyil Birzhan Seytuly – Head of Sector for Scientific Work



Tursynali Akerke – a manager of Sector for Scientific Work 



Issabek Ainur Bekzhankyzy – a manager of Sector for Scientific Work



Shaimerdenova Gulbanu Ganikyzy – Technical Secretary of the Dissertation Council



Isakulova Ainur – leading specialist of Local Bioethics Commission





Contact Information:
Shymkent, Al-Farabi Square 1, main building, 4th floor, 424 - office.
Tel:8(7252)-39-57-57 (*1095)





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