Admission of students to advanced training/retraining cycles using distance learning technologies:
To enroll in retraining/advanced training cycles in distance learning, the student must have a computer with Internet access and a webcam, as well as a valid personal email.
For retraining/advanced training cycles, 3 weeks before the start of the cycle (the time required for reviewing documents), it is necessary to send scanned documents to the following email address: fnpr.ukma@bk.ru


Cycle topics

The contingent of listeners

Duration of training


Public health (retraining)

For specialists with higher medical education who have internship training

360 hours


Document management based on the requirements of Pharmaceutical Practice Standards (Gxp)

Higher pharmaceutical education / Bachelor's degree/ specialty "Pharmacy"

120 hours


Acceptance, storage and release of medicines and medical devices based on the requirements of the Standards of Good Pharmaceutical Practices (GxP)

Technical and vocational education in the specialty "Pharmacy"

120 hours


International standards of good practices in pharmacy. The GxP concept.

Higher pharmaceutical education / Bachelor's degree/ specialty "Pharmacy"

120 hours


Topical issues of pharmacy: the rules of good distribution practice of GDP

Technical and vocational education in the specialty "Pharmacy"

120 hours

Distance education

The MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) login and password are sent to the listener enrolled in the cycle by e-mail. The cadet has the right to change the password, but it is forbidden to transfer the username and password to third parties.


MOODLE contains all the course material, where the student can independently study the material at any convenient time, until the end of the training period. All assignments, SRS, and tests must be completed on time. If the student does not pass the test and does not pass the tasks, he will be expelled from the cycles.


At the beginning of the training, please read the OP, the training schedule, and the working instructions for working with the distance learning system. 
The interaction between the teacher and the listener will take place online and offline via e-mail in the distance learning system. 


Employees of the Department of Distance Education are required to provide technical support to students. If you have any questions or problems with working in the distance learning system, you can contact us by e-mail, phone (contacts are listed below):



The location of the dean's office:
Shymkent, Al-Farabi square No. 3, 1st floor, office No. 104
Phone: 8(7252)39-57-57 (ext. 1054)
E-mail: fnpr.ukma@bk.ru

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