Department of «Biology and Biochemistry»



Brief history of the Department

The Department was organized in August 1979 after the opening in Shymkent the branch of the Almaty State Medical Institute with a single pharmacological faculty and was called the Department of Botany with the fundamentals of general biology.
The department was staffed by: professor E. Kuandykov; Candidates of Biosciences, associate professors such as S. Abilayev, A. Akhanov, D. Maysarov, B. Kulbayeva, and M. Yessirkepov; senior lecturers such as K. Zholdasov, F. Dyusenbaeva; lecturers: R. Dmitrieva, G. Alipbaeva, K. Konysova, G. Zhazykbaeva, A. Daripbek and senior laboratory assistant L. Tasova.
In 1992, after the transformation of the Almaty State Medical Institute branch into the Shymkent Pharmaceutical Institute, the general medical faculty was opened. The Department of botany with the basics of general biology was transformed into the Department of Medical biology and Genetics.
The department was led by distinguished researchers such as Candidate of Biosciences, associate professor S. Abilayev (1979 - 1986; 2002 - 2007);Candidate of Biosciences, associate professor D. Maysarov (1986 - 1992, 1997 - 2002); doctor of medical sciences, member of Medical Science Academy of Kazakhstan Republic, professor E. Kuandykov (1992 - 1997).
The Department of Biochemistry was established in September 1994 within Shymkent State Medical Institute. The Department head position was held by PhD, senior lecturer B. Zhayshibekov.
In the period between 1997 - 2002 the department was led by professor A. Yuldashev.
There were three professors at the department: K. Sharipov, A. Yuldashev, P. Kenzhebekov; three associate professors: U. Zhaumabayev, A. Kan, Z. Ablayeva; three senior lecturers: R. Suleymen, K. Mambetkulova, A. Suranchiyeva; lecturers: A. Ordabekova, G. Asilbekova; senior laboratory assistants: K. Ibragimova, K. Shortanova; laboratory assistant P. Kudaybergenova.
In 2009 courses such as Medical biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology were integrated into the Department of “Biochemistry, Biology and Microbiology”.
The department was led by distinguished researchers such as – Candidate of Biosciences, acting associate professor A. Burabayev (2016-2018); Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor M. Yessirkepov (2011-2016); and doctor of Biosciences, professor K. Sharipov (2007-2011).
The Department of Biology and Biochemistry was established in April 2018 as a result of reorganization of the Department of Biochemistry, Biology and Microbiology. The Department Head position was held by PhD, Dr. Bauyrzhan Tashmukhambetov. The head of the Department "Biology and Biochemistry" since 01.09.2020 to the present is Candidate of Medical Sciences Professor M. M. Yessirkepov.
Great contributions into academic and methodological part of the Department were made by: Candidate of Biosceinces B. Kulbayeva, Candidate of Medical Sciences A. Kan, Candidate of Medical Sciences M. Yessirkepov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Z. Ablayeva, senior lecturers K. Zholdasov, A. Ordabekova and G. Asilbekova.
There are two Honoured Specialists of Kazakhstan Healthcare: professor P. Kenzhebekov and acting professor B. Kulbayeva.
Staff of the department constantly improve their professional level, delivering reports at scientific and practical conferences, both regional, national and international levels; systematically participate at the faculty for professional development and in the work of the republican and intra-academic seminars
Staff of the Department participated in: І – ІІnd republican physicians annual meeting, Meeting of Department Heads of Soviet Universities (Suzdal, 1982), 11th International Symposium of plant embryologists (Leningrad, 1990), ІІnd International conference of Plant Anatomists (St. Petersburg, 1996).
Currently there are 27 staff members at the Department: 6 PhD’s, 9 senior lecturers, 9 lecturers, 3 senior laboratory assisstants.



The head of department –Yessirkepov. M.M



Objectives of the Department include:

- providing a high level of teaching disciplines with the use of modern innovative technologies aimed at fulfilling the main objective of the department in the process of training the students at college, baccalaureate, magistracy, residency and the Faculty of Continuing Professional Development levels;
- development and implementation of textbooks and teaching materials in 3 languages, development of test and measurement tools to ensure quality assessment of students' knowledge;
- systematic improvement of staffs' professional level;
- the implementation of educational-behavioural work in the scope of curatorial activity, during the process of lecturing and conducting practical classes and while on duty in the dormitories of university.
The Department of Biology and Biochemistry carries out educational work according to the governmental working curriculum.
- The Department trains:
- bachelor students – 1st , 2nd year students of "General Medicine", “Stomatology”, “Pediatrics” specialtys, 1st, 3rd, and 4th year students of "Pharmacy" specialty. Name of the discipline: «Molecular biology and medical genetics», “Biochemistry”.
- master students of «Medicine» specialty. The discipline name: «Fundamentals of scientific research in medicine»;
- students of the residency of "Neuropathology” and "Radiation Diagnostics" specialties. Name of the discipline: "Management of Scientific Research";
- students of medical college 1-3 year students. Name of the discipline: «Biology», «Molecular Biology and Genetics».


The languages of instruction at the faculty are English, Kazakh and Russian.


Research interests of the Department:

- development and approval of Scientific and Technical Programs for carrying out research in 2018-2021;
- approbation of cytogenetic methods of human research (karyotyping patients);
- development of new methods for the isolation of DNA and RNA in research with animal and human genes;
- research in regeneration processes;
- anthropometric studies of the south regional population in order to establish the type of body constitution;
- problems of publishing ethics.


Staff of the Department:

1. Yessirkepov M.M. - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor - Head of the Department;
2. Nurmashev B.K. – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor
3. Kenzhebekov P.K. – Candidate of Chemical Sciences Professor;
4. Ablaeva Z.Yu. – Candidate of Chemical Sciences Professor
5. Kulbaeva B.Zh. – Candidate of Medical Sciences, acting professor;
6. Burabaev A.A. – Candidate of Biological Sciences, acting Associate Professor;
7. Ordabekova A.B. – senior lecturer;
8. Asilbekova G.K. – senior lecturer;
9.Beisebayeva L.M. – senior lecturer;
10. Zholdasov K.T. – senior lecturer;
11. G.T.Zhazykbaeva - senior lecturer;
12. Alipbaeva G.S. – senior lecturer;
13. Daripbek A.Zh. – senior lecturer;
14.Kanzhigitova M.Zh. – senior lecturer;
15. Azhibayeva-Kupenova D.T. – senior lecturer;
16. Erkekulova K.K. – teacher;
17. Almanova N.S. – teacher;
18.Otebay D.M. – teacher;
19.Kylyshbayev Zh.K. – teacher;
20.Bexeitov Zh.T. – teacher;
21.Bekeshova D.B. – teacher;
22. Zhienbayeva A.A. – teacher;
23. Santay B.A. – teacher;
24. Nysanbayeva G.N. – teacher;
25.Nazikbaeva Zh.A. – senior laboratory assistant;
26.Kasymbai L.A. – senior laboratory assistant;
27. Sarsenova G.O. – senior laboratory assistant;



The Department address:
Main building, 4th floor, 418 room.
tel: (87252) 39-57-57






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