The Department of commercialization and project management employees participated in the "Winter Research School" in Almaty.

The Winter Research School is an annual event designed to disseminate academic knowledge and research methods among the academic community and students. Its goal is to improve the teaching staff's skills in scientific research, data processing, and the implementation of grant projects. "Winter Research School 2023" was held in Almaty from January 9 to 13, 2023. The school was organized through the collaboration of two organizations: Almaty Management University and Narxoz University. The opening ceremony was held at Narxoz, and the closing ceremony was held at the AlmaU Atrium. Rector of AlmaU Gulnara Kurenkeyeva and President of Narxoz Miras Daulenov solemnly announced the opening of the Winter School on January 9. 15 speakers attended the school, and the event was held with a total duration of 84 academic hours. By the final day of school, the participants prepared draft articles for publication in international journals. At the end of the school, all participants received certificates.

16.01.2023, 14:17