Report on the educational work of the Department of General Education Disciplines of the Medical College at JSC SKMA

On March 29, 2024, the department of general education disciplines and members of the “Kyran” organization visited the KSU “Center for the Provision of Special Social Services N2 for the Elderly and Disabled”, a community educational institution for the elderly and disabled in Shymkent and held a charity event on the theme “Karttarym-Asyl Kazynam”. Teachers of the department and members of the organization, striving to show mercy and care for the elderly who were in trouble, turned to the elderly in this institution to find out their condition, talk with them and give them food, that is, charitable assistance. The head of the home for the elderly: “the staff of the department is always close to this institution. Today they do a lot for us. The elderly people are also immensely grateful to the staff of the department,” she expressed sincere gratitude. At the end of the event, the teachers of the department held concert events that entertained the elderly. The old people also thanked. The home for the elderly staff also expressed their gratitude.

02.04.2024, 15:36