Meeting on "Suicide, Moral and Ethnic, Spiritual Human Values"

On January 20, 2023 in the small lecture hall of SKMA a meeting with students on "suicide, moral and ethnic, spiritual human values" was held, organized by the Department of Social Affairs and Youth Policy, the Department of Organization and Management of Pharmacy and the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation and Neurosurgery. The meeting was attended by teachers of the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation and Neurosurgery, a psychiatrist of the Shymkent City Center of Mental Health Odaman Meruert Salimbaevna, a psychotherapist Sadykova Laura Aitzhanovna, employees of youth policy department of SKMA and students.

The event was moderated by Z. Kerimbekova, a leading specialist of the Department of Youth Policy, who noted the purpose of the event.
The guest of the meeting, psychotherapist Laura Aitzhanovna Sadykova noted that people who commit suicide often experience internal stress or are under a lot of stress, and suffer from mental illness, mood disorders, especially depression, and future life becomes more and more boring. Don't spare any kindness for others. If someone says they have a problem, try to help them.
In turn, a psychiatrist of the Shymkent City Mental Health Center, Odaman Meruert Salimbaevna, noted that "one of the most pressing issues today is the increase of suicide rates among young people, the decline of moral and ethnic, spiritual values of young people. At the same time, our center noted that people who applied for help would be provided with psychological assistance".
The event concluded with answers to questions from the students.

20.01.2023, 16:36