Master class on the topic “Teacher's work in front of the camera”

As we all know, nowadays the creation of video content is becoming more and more popular. But many teachers do not know how to successfully work in front of the camera and create their own video tutorials. That is why holding a master class by the Department of Distance Educational Technologies on the topic "Teacher's work in front of the camera" is an important step.
Conducting a master class can help teachers gain confidence in working in front of the camera and learn to speak more convincingly and effectively. This, in turn, can improve the quality of learning and make lessons more interesting and exciting for students.
At our master class, we considered such issues as:
● preparation for shooting (recommendation)
● presentation of material (behavior during filming, control of speech and emotions, use of gestures and facial expressions, intonation and correct articulation)
● scenario materials (supporting materials)
● fear of the camera (causes of fear, recommendations for overcoming them)
A survey was conducted to find out the expectations of participants from the master class, as well as after its completion to get feedback and learn about their results and impressions.

Within the framework of the event, games were organized that imitated the real process of shooting. The participants had the opportunity to practice creating plots, choosing angles and lighting, which allowed them to understand more deeply all the stages of the filming process. Various techniques and tools were used, which helped the participants learn how to work with equipment and master new shooting methods. The organization of such games is an important step in the development of professional skills of participants and helps them gain valuable experience in the field of photography.
Thus, holding a master class on the topic "Teacher's work in front of the camera" is a good help in developing skills and will help teachers learn how to work on camera.

From the conducted master class on the work of a teacher in front of the camera, it can be concluded that this is an important and relevant issue for a modern teacher. Teachers should be able to work in front of the camera in order to create high-quality content for their classes and communicate effectively with students in the virtual space. In addition, the master class was an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences and learn new skills, which is an important factor in modern society.

15.03.2023, 17:50