«Cooperation with employers in quality training of pediatricians»

There was round table held at the Department of Pediatrics-1 of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy on the topic: «Cooperation with employers in quality training of pediatricians» on March 18, 2024
Round table was attended by the head of the Regional Children's Hospital Dosanova A.M., deputy head of the surgical department Turysbekov S.A., as well as assistants of Pediatrics-1 and Pediatrics-2 departments.

The purpose of the round table is: to discuss issues of improving the quality of training of pediatricians, effectiveness of the dual format of training, problems and solutions in the distribution and employment of SKMA graduates
Round table is a platform for realizing opportunities:
for employers: opportunity to receive young specialists already prepared for practical activities, to participate in the process of their preparation and to influence the quality of their training;
for a university: opportunity to efficiently organize the educational process and practical training, as well as further employment of the student.
The moderator of the round table was the head of the Department of Pediatrics-1, PhD Kemelbekov K.S.
During the round table, issues of improving educational programs for training pediatricians at various levels for practical healthcare, as well as formats for interaction between practical healthcare and the Academy, with the help of which they can be developed, were discussed.
The following speakers made presentations at the meeting:
- Assistant of the Department of Pediatrics-1 Toleuova A.E. - “Modern changes in education for the training of pediatric doctors”
- Head of the Department of Pediatrics-1 PhD Kemelbekov K.S. - “Employment of graduates: main directions and problems”;
A discussion was held on the following topics:
— Qualification requirements for pediatric specialists;
— Problems of shortage of pediatric specialists.
— Employment of graduates – problems, solutions, prospects;
—Improve educational programs, work curricula and a catalog of elective disciplines, taking into account suggestions from employers:
1) include additional disciplines in the Educational program in “Pediatrics”: “Peculiarities of physical development of children”, “Peculiarities of nutrition of children”, increase training hours in the discipline “Propaedeutics of childhood diseases”.
2) organize seminars on an ongoing basis on the following topics: “Oratory”, “Leadership”.
— Social policy in supporting young professionals.
The issues raised in the reports aroused great interest and lively discussion among the participants present. During the discussion, convincing facts were presented, opinions and proposals were expressed.
Round table participants confirmed the relevance and importance of holding such events, expressed high interest in further discussion of the issues outlined above and their readiness to cooperate with the Academy.
As a result of the round table, a resolution was adopted:
1. Work together with employers in the direction of employment of graduates.
Analyzing the requirements and needs of employers, negotiate and, as a result, always inform graduates, come to common decisions with employers in the direction of quick and permanent employment.
2. Ensure compliance with the goals and mission of the educational program “Pediatrics” and learning outcomes with modern requirements of healthcare development.
3. Continuous development of educational and scientific cooperation between students, professors and teachers of the department and healthcare organizations to achieve real results.
4. Increase opportunities for on-base medical training and clinical skills acquisition.
5. Constantly improve the organization and implementation of educational programs in the field of healthcare.

20.03.2024, 13:09