An evening in memory of Sarsenbek Sahabat's talent

On March 28, 2024, Serik Sh., lecturer at the Department of General Education of the Medical College.Students of the STDK-9.03.23 group took part in the evening in memory of the poet-writer Sarsen-Bek Sahabat “Turkini tugendegen dara talant” held at the Al-Farabi city Scientific Universal library. During the event, poets and writers of our city, linguists told about their memories and gave interviews to the younger generation. The presentation of the new book "Nazir Alemi” took place, which was presented to readers. Orazgali Adilkhan, a student of our college, gave a dombra. The library educates not only one generation. Therefore, organizing meetings with famous citizens in such places is a spiritual uplift for young people

01.04.2024, 16:29