The main goals and objectives of the Centre of Practical Skills


The purpose of the CPS is the creation of organizational and teaching conditions for improving the quality of student training; retraining and advanced training, as well as for the development of professional competence of health care specialists.


The objectives of the CPS are:

• organization of practical training in the Center, contributing to the improvement of the quality of training on the basis of new organizational forms, teaching and control methods;

• ensuring consistency and continuity in the development of practical skills in higher, postgraduate and continuing professional education programs;

• assistance to departments in creating methodological support (scenarios, cases, algorithms for providing medical care) using technical means (simulators, dummies, phantoms, etc.) of the practical training process for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students;

• organization of theoretical and practical training of teaching staff of the Academy for the methodology and rules of training using simulation equipment;

• implementation of a set of educational activities (trainings, briefings, seminars) aimed at integrating innovative methods of mastering theoretical knowledge, as well as developing and strengthening practical skills.