History of the department


The Department of "Nursing-2" was organized at the Medical college at JSC "SKMA" by Order No. 770 dated August 22, 2023. Based on this order, Aibekova Gulnur Nurzhanovna was appointed head of the department.
The working process of the department is the planning, organization and implementation of educational, methodological, clinical, scientific work, current, intermediate and final control of students' education in accordance with curricula and programs.



Aibekova Gulnur Nurzhanovna - Head of the department "Nursing-2"



Tasks of the department:

• Analysis and perception of the principles of professional ethics and deontology, nursing manipulations, purposefulness training and ways to achieve;
• Knowledge of the organization of the nursing care plan;
• Training in quality patient care;
• Nosocomial infection prevention training;
• A safe hospital environment in medical organizations. Possession of compliance with the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime;
• Training in assessing the functional state of the patient;
• Training in the observance of personal hygiene of patients;
• Mastering the organization of food treatment in medical organizations;
• Methods and techniques of using medications, the ability to distribute medications taken orally;
• Be able to prepare the patient for laboratory and instrumental studies.


The department carries out educational work according to working curricula. Students are trained at the department:

Specialty 09110100 - "Dentistry", Qualification - 4S09110102 - "Dentist", "Fundamentals of nursing", "Fundamentals of psychology and communication skills" - 2nd year.
Specialty 09130200 - "Obstetrics", Qualification - 4S09130201 - "Obstetrician", "Fundamentals of nursing", "Fundamentals of psychology and communication skills", "Health promotion with the basics of general hygiene", "Palliative care and oncology" - 1st, 3rd year.
Specialty 09120100 - "Medical care", Qualification - 4S09110102 "Paramedic" - "Fundamentals of nursing", "Fundamentals of psychology and communication skills", "Health promotion with the basics of general hygiene", "Palliative care and oncology" - 2nd, 4th year.
Specialty 09160100 - "Pharmacy", Qualification - 4S09160101 "Pharmacist" - "Fundamentals of general hygiene in pharmacy" - 1st year.
Updating the subjects studied – the subjects of the department are updated every year.


Currently, the department works:

1. Aibekova Gulnur Nurzhanovna-visiting Department
2. Madi Asemai Kalybekovna- educator
3. Mamashova lazzat Nurkenovna-educator
4. Mamysheva Dinara Tazabekovna-educator
5. Soviet Aisana Abdykasymovna-educator
6. Ashirmetova Nigora Mukhtarovna-educator
7. Ashim Akzharkyn Bauyrzhanovna-educator
8. Kerimova Aruzhan Baktybekovna-educator
9. Onbayeva Assel Bolatovna-educator
10. Nishanbayeva Aidana Bakhtiyarov - educator
11. Kulmanova Zhazira Maulenovna-educator
12. Suleiman Gulsim Sabyrovna-Senior laboratory assistant
13. Dzhanerke Tazhibayeva-laboratory assistant
14. Zulpukharova Fariza Kultasovna-laboratory assistant



Address and contact details:
Address: JSC "SKMA" building No. 2, 2nd floor.
Phone number: 8 (775)-925-12-20

20.11.2023, 17:27