Welcome Nauryz

On March 20, 2024, teachers and students of the department of «General Education» of the medical college organized a traditional event «Kosh Keldin, Az – Nauryz». Nauryz is the beginning of the year, in order to increase love for their nation, teachers and students, dressed in national costumes, greeted «Kosh – Keruen» with the appearance of «Nauryz Duman». Our caravan luxuriously represented the customs, traditions, language, religion of the Kazakh people. Holiday Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays on earth. As a holiday gift, our guests were offered dishes of the national cuisine of our caravan. In accordance with Kazakh custom, aitys, national games and the tradition of the Kazakh people «Tusau keser» were organized among the students.

20.03.2024, 19:04