History of the Department

In the Medical College of JSC" SKMA "by Order No. 770 dated August 22, 2023, the Department of" morphological disciplines " was organized.
The department consists of: head Yeralkhan A. K., teachers – Mamysheva D. T., Turebaeva G. A., Burkitbaeva B. B., Kozhabekova A. S., Tursynbek D. A., Yerkova zh.t., Karimzhanova D. B., Makhambet D. B., Turgumbaeva A. A., Umarov D. N., Amanzholova M. M., Kazhimuratova G. T., Zharilkasynova G. S., Orynbek A. S., Senior Laboratory Assistant A. S., Tolegen M. T.



Yeralkhan Akmaral Kairatkyzy Head of the Department "morphological disciplines"



Objectives of the department:
* formation of basic knowledge about the structure of organs and systems;
* learn to determine the location and projection of organs for emergency and emergency medical care;
* education of the basic physiological characteristics of a healthy person based on age and gender characteristics;
* knowledge of the basic laws and mechanisms of formation of holistic reactions;
* formation of systematic knowledge as the relationship of the existence of a human organism with the environment.


The department carries out educational work in accordance with the working curriculum. The department teaches:
"Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the dental and maxillofacial system", "fundamentals of Medical Biology and medical genetics"-1,2 courses, specialty 09110100 - qualification "Dentistry" – 4S09110102 - "dentist".
"Anatomy, physiology", "General Pathology", "fundamentals of Medical Biology and medical genetics" - 1 course specialty 09130200 - "Obstetrics", qualification – 4S09130201 - "obstetrician".
"Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the dental and maxillofacial system"-1,2 courses, specialty 09110200 - qualification "orthopedic dentistry" – 4S09110201 - "dental technician".
"Anatomy, physiology", "General Pathology", "Medical Biology with genetics" -1,2 courses, specialty 09130100 - "nursing", qualification – 4S09130103 - "nurse in general practice".
"Anatomy, physiology and pathology" - 1 course specialty 09130100 - qualification "nursing" – 5AB09130101 - "applied bachelor of Nursing".
"Physiology with the basics of anatomy and Pathology"," Molecular Biology with the basics of Medical Genetics "- 1 course specialty 09160100 - qualification" pharmacy " – 4S09160101 - "pharmacist".
"Anatomy, physiology", "fundamentals of Medical Biology and medical genetics", "General Pathology" - 1,2 courses, specialty 09120100 - qualification "medical" – 4S09120101 - "paramedic".

Updating of studied disciplines-the disciplines of the department are updated annually.


Currently working at the Department:

1. Yeralkhan Akmaral Kairatovna - head of the Department
2. Turebaeva Gulnaz Asylkhanovna - zavuch.teacher
3. Mamysheva Dinara Tazabekovna - teacher
4. Tursynbek Darkhan Abdimalikovich - teacher
5. Burkitbaeva Balzira Baurzhanovna - teacher
6. Ilesova Zhazira Tazhibayevna - teacher
7. Karimzhanova Dinara Bakhtiyarovna - teacher
8. Makhambet Diana Bekzhapparovna - teacher
9. Turgumbaeva Aidana Almakhanovna - teacher
10. Umarov Daniyar Nurgalievich - teacher
11. Amanzholova Meruert Makhmudovna - teacher
12. Kazhimuratova Guldaria Turarbekovna - teacher
13. Zharilkasynova Gulmira Serikovna - teacher
14. Orynbek Azhar Ganievna - teacher
15. Yuldashev Anvarzhan Mominzhanovich – teacher
16. Izbasar Aida Serikovna-Senior Laboratory Assistant
17. Tolegen Mereke Talgatovna-Senior Laboratory Assistant



Address and contact details:
Address: JSC" SKMA " Building No. 2, 5th floor
Tel: 8 (778)-554-97-81

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