Registrar office

The Registrar's office was established in 2009 as a structural division for organization of the educational process in the conditions of credit technology, registering the history of students' academic achievements and ensuring the organization of all types of knowledge control and calculating its academic rating.


The main functions of the OR are:

organization of the admissions Committee;

creating a catalog of elective subjects;

organization of the process of registration of students for academic disciplines;

organization of work on the formation of individual curricula;

organization and conduct of intermediate and final attestation;

organization of work on academic records;

accounting of students ' academic achievements during the entire training period;



1558 1 2

Head of Registrar office

Syzdykova Saulet Akmurzayevna

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences




1558 2

Deputy Head of Registrar office

Tuktybayeva Elmira Nurmakhanovna




1558 3

Methodist of Registrar office

Nurildayeva Elvira Fazillaevna




1558 4

Methodist of Registrar office

Jakupova Lola Berikovna




1558 5

Methodist of Registrar office

Yakhiya Arailym Bekjankyzy




1558 6

Methodist of Registrar office

Kuandyk Alua Erlankyzy



Contact information:

Address: Shymkent, Al-Farabi square, 1/1, main building, 1st floor, room 118

Tel.: 8-725-2-40-82-18






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