Department of Therapeutic Disciplines


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History of the "Therapeutic disciplines" Department

In 1996, the Department of Hospital Therapy was first organized in South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy. The main clinical bases of the department were the regional clinical hospital, the regional endocrinological dispensary, the regional cardiological center, the city hepatocenter.

The head of the chair was Ph.D., associate professor M.B. Kuibakov. His Ph.D. thesis was devoted to the rehabilitation of myocardial infarction.

From September 1997 to September 2001, the department was headed by Prof. S. Baydurin, doctoral thesis of which is devoted to the issues of clinical hematology.

From 2001 to 2009, the head of the department was Professor A.D. Karkabaeva, Candidate and doctoral work is devoted to solving the actual problems of clinical rheumatology and immunology.

Professor A.D. Karkabaeva is the author of 70 publications, 2 monographs, 20 methodical instructions, 6 rationalization proposals. Six clinical residents, 3 post-graduate students, 20 undergraduates, 7 residents attended the department.

In 2009, the Department of Therapy-2 was divided into two departments:

1. Department of "Therapies of interns №2" from 2009 to 2013 headed by MD. S.M. Sarkulova. Her doctoral work is devoted to a comprehensive assessment of the influence of production factors on the development of cardiovascular diseases in lead production.

2. Department of "Therapy of interns №1", from 2009 to 2013 headed by A.Turtaeva.

From 2013, in connection with the unification of the following departments: "Therapy of interns №2", "Phthisiology, radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy", the department was renamed into "Therapeutic disciplines", which continued to be headed by A.Turtaeva to June 2018. A.E. Turtaeva defended her thesis on the topic: "Clinico-immunogenetic characteristics of early arthritis and its medical correction" in 2012-2014. 

From June, 2018 the department of "Therapeutic disciplines" is headed by Ph.D. G.K.Asanova 

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In 2010, G.K. Asanova defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences on the topic: "The state of the cardiovascular system under the influence of unfavorable factors of cotton processing industry" in the specialty 14.00.50 .- "Labor Medicine" in the city of Karaganda. 

Asanova G.K. participated in the implementation of research work on the topic:

Development of criteria for the donor diagnosis of production-related diseases in cotton-processing enterprises in the Southern Region (GR No. 016RK00239).

Comprehensive assessment of the health status and occupational risk of workers in the uranium industry and the population of the South Kazakhstan region and scientific justification of the event for the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of persons exposed to labor conditions and various types of ionizing radiation.

Influence of environmental factors on the health of the population of urbanized territories.

She is the regional coordinator for the HCD in the south Kazakhstan region according to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan №460 of August 7, 2013 "On the establishment of the Republican Coordination Center for the continuous professional development of health personnel on reducing mortality from diseases of the circulatory system"G.K. Asanova carries out advisory work in South Kazakhstan in the field of sanaviation, in the intensive care unit, as well as in the department of cardiology and arrhythmology as a therapist, cardiologist. Together with the specialists of the Health Department of the region in the curatorial districts, she provides consultative assistance, took part in the work of the commissions. Repeatedly participated in the work of the center on the problems of forming a healthy lifestyle.

Under the leadership of Asanova G.K. 2 master's theses on the specialty "Medicine" are protected, 1 master's work is performed. 


Tasks of the department:

Training of bachelors, specialists in internship, residency, master's degree. To improve the knowledge of bachelors, interns, residents, undergraduates, to give stable views, knowledge, skills and abilities in the disciplines that determine the direction of training in order to provide the healthcare sector with qualified personnel, who know the general questions of the organization of therapeutic care in the country, the work of hospital and polyclinic institutions that can provide qualified medical care for the adult and children population, using modern methods of diagnosis, prevention, treatment and subsequent rehabilitation patient.


Educational work.

Methodical work.

The department has working training programs and syllabuses for interns, residents and undergraduates in the following disciplines: Cardiology and rheumatology; Pulmonology, allergology and immunology; Gastroenterology and hematology; Endocrinology and nephrology; Internal diseases - 1, (cardiology, pulmonology and allergology, clinical electrocardiography, extragenital pathology, psychiatry and narcology, infectious diseases, phthisiology, neurology, resuscitation and intensive care); Internal diseases - 2 (gastroenterology, hematology, endocrinology, nephrology, comorbid conditions, internal diseases in the elderly, oncology, dermatovenereology, rheumatology); Cardiology, including children's; Topical issues of therapy in cardiology and rheumatology; Topical issues of therapy in gastroenterology and hematology; Topical issues of therapy in endocrinology and nephrology; Topical issues of therapy in pulmonology.

For all disciplines in the field, there are situational tasks and test questions in accordance with the working curriculum.


Scientific work

The scientific and teaching staff actively conducts scientific work: articles are printed, theses are published at the university, national and international levels. They make presentations at national and international conferences. Turtaeva Aigul Elubaevna - is the scientific supervisor of undergraduates: Edighe A., Iskakova MA Asanova Galiya Kutymbetovna is the scientific supervisor of the master student: Berdieva AA


Clinical work:

Clinical bases are: Regional Clinical Hospital, Regional Endocrinology Dispensary, Regional Consultative and Diagnostic Center, Regional Cardiology Center, City Antituberculosis Clinic, Daumed Clinic, Medicare-UK Clinic.

The department employs specialists of the highest and first category who advise rheumatological, cardiological, gastroenterological, nephrological, pulmonological, endocrinological, tuberculosis patients. Employees of the department together with practical health care conduct: practical, pathoanatomical, morning conferences. And they are also members of the expert commission for the analysis of maternal mortality.

The main training courses: Bachelors in the specialties "public health care", "nursing" interns - physicians therapists, interns-doctors surgeons, intern-obstetricians-gynecologists, resident cardiologists, resident neuropathologists, residents - pediatricians, undergraduates specialty "Medicine" scientific and pedagogical and profile direction, students of the faculty of improvement of doctors in cycles: "Actual problems of therapy", "Actual problems of cardiology" "Actual problems of pulmonology", "Actual problems of rheumatology", "Actual problems of gatroenterology", "Actual problems of endocrinology", "Actual problems of ultrasound diagnostics, including childhood", "Actual problems of roentgenology". Disciplines are taught in Kazakh, Russian and English. Educational material is updated annually.

Scientific priorities of the department:

They are aimed at creating conditions for the provision of high-quality services in the training of bachelors, specialists in internships, residencies, magistracy of interns-therapists who are able to provide qualified medical care to a patient with common therapeutic diseases, in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine; formation and consolidation of in-depth knowledge, skills and habits in the specialty "Medicine" among residents, undergraduates, preparation for the passage of production research, pedagogical practice, and performing research, experimental and research work.


Composition of the "Therapeutic disciplines" department

1. G.K.Asanova  - Head of Department, associate professor

2. E.B.Bekmuratov  - professor

3. A.E.Turtaeva  -

4. M.B.Isabekov  - assistant professor

5. N.Z. Shapambaev  - assistant professor

6. L.T.Kasaeva  - asistant professor

7. A.O. Sergazin  - assistant professor

8. A.E.Kushekbaeva  - acting associate

9. Sh.B.Abasova  - acting associate

10. G.Sh. Alipova  - assistant 

11. Zh.A.Mirzabekova  - master of medicine

12. M.T.Serikbaeva  - master of medicine

13. R.N.Kenzhekhanova  - master of medicine

14. G.A.Kudaibergen  - assistant

15. G.A. Umiraliyeva  - assistant

16. Т.Х. Serhodzhaeva  - assistant

17. N.T.Nuranova  - assistant

18. O.Sh.Erzhanov  - assistant

19. M.A.Muratalieva  - assistant

20. M.A.Seitkhanov  - assistant

21. J.M.Beysenbayeva  - assistant


Training and support staff

1. Nurmakhanova R.  - senior laboratory assistant

2. Duranova. N.N.  - laboratory assistant

3. Djarkimbaeva D.T.  - senior laboratory assistant

4. Daurenbekova G.O.  - senior laboratory assistant



Address and contact details:

Mkr. Nursat, the clinic "Medicare-UK"

Tel: 8 701 130 06 53






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