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The Department of Physical Education was organized in 1979.

The first head of the department from 1979 to 1988, was Marat Kurmanbaev, who graduated from the Almaty Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, worked for many years as a head of the department of physical education at the Kazakh Institute of Chemical Technology, International Judge's volleyball team prepared Marat Kurmanbaev champions zonal competitions medical universities in 1980 and 1981.

At the initiative of Kurmanbaev and his active work, a sports and health camp was built in the Kaska-su.

Later was haded by the Department senior lecturer Valery Valuev(1988-1992),, after graduate of the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute, faculties of physical culture and sport, was adopted by the Department of Physical Education Shymkent branch of the Almaty State Medical Institute (now SKMA)

From 1992 to 2001 the department was haded Bokenbay Ispandiyarovich Baimbetov, master of sports in boxing, graduated from the Almaty Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, worked at the department chairman of the sports club, B.Baimbetov prepared students athletes, winners of national competitions.



1215 2At present, the head of the department is Orynbasar Ashirbayev.

Having graduated from SKSU specialty "Physical Culture" in 1996, he was accepted as a teacher at the department, in 2001 transferred to the post of senior lecturer, and in that year he was appointed as the head of the department, where he worked until 2012.

The purpose of discipline "Physical edication" is to develop social and personal competencies of students, providing targeted use corresponds means of physical culture and sport for the conservation, promotion of health and preparation for professional activities.

At the Department of Physical Education at the present time there is a highly professional pedagogical team consisting of senior teachers: A.E. Zhumabekova, A.A. Zhuzzhigitov, G.B. Duisenbiyev, M.Tuganbayeva, teachers: E.S. Ayapov, A.B. Bukharbaev.

Classes in physical education are taught in two courses in all specialties.

At the department there is a sports club, where sports sections work in volleyball, basketball, football, handball, table tennis, checkers, chess and tuguz-kumalak.

Every year, by tradition, we exam the students: Qualifying competitions in 8 sports, Spartakiada among employees.

Champions of zonal competitions among medical universities of Kazakhstan in 2014 in volleyball and togyzkumalak.

National teams of the Academy traditionally occupy the third place in the city of Spartakiade among the city's universities in chess, drafts, tuguz kumalak, mini football, volleyball, handball.

Traditional sports events held by the department:

The prestige of the hostel

Traditional sports events held by the Department. 

Championship of the hostel:

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Participation in city events: 

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For three consecutive years now the Department holds arm – wrestling competition among the universities and secondary schools of the city:

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From September to October there have been elimination competitions according to 8 kinds of sport among students:

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Every year, in January or February there is an Olympics for the employees of the Academy:



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