Department of Nursing


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In August 2020, by the decision of the Academic Council, by Order No. 65 of 27.08.2020, the Department of "Nursing" was organized as an independent unit of SKMA. The department is located on the basis of the college.The head of the department was appointed Master of Medical Sciences in the specialty "Nursing", Serikova Bagdat Dzhuldibayevna.

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The purpose of the department: To train practice-oriented nursing professionals who are able to effectively use the acquired knowledge in practical activities, and able to think critically and analytically, effectively manage resources and work in accordance with the principles of patient safety.


The tasks of the department are:

•  mastering the theoretical foundations and practical skills of patient care by students;

•  teaching students the basics of nursing, skills of providing nursing care for various diseases, conducting preventive and rehabilitation measures;

•  forming of communication skills with patients, taking into account the requirements of ethics and deontology;

•  mastering the skills and abilities of the head of nursing services by specialists in the field of nursing.


The department trains students of 1-4 courses of the applied bachelor's degree in Nursing, 2-4 courses of the specialty "Nursing", 2, 3 courses of the specialties "Paramedic" and "Stomatology". The subjects are taught in Kazakh and Russian.

The scientific priorities of the department's staff are to develop scientific research in nursing.


Basic training courses:

•  Nursing profession in the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan

•  Nursing care and patient safety

•  Emergency nursing care

•  Health promotion

•  Family care

•  Principles of planning and conducting research in nursing

•  Mental health in Nursing

•  Chronic diseases and nursing care for the elderly

•  Specialized nursing care and evidence-based practice

•  Personnel management in nursing

•  Completion of the thesis

•  Infection control in nursing

•  Clinical Nursing care for patient safety

•  Clinical assessment of the patient's condition

•  Nursing care for chronic diseases

•  Gerontological nursing

•  Socially significant diseases

•  Palliative care and care for cancer patients

•  Home nursing care

•  Management in nursing

•  Evidence-based nursing practice

•  Communication skills

•  The Nursing Process

•  Infectious diseases

•  Professional ethics, deontology and psychology of communication

•  Fundamentals of Nursing


The department consists of employees:

G.Z Taukebayeva – candidate of Medical Sciences

G.Zh. Teleshova – Master of Medical Sciences

N.M. Taigasheva – Master of Medical Sciences

R.M. Edilova – Master of Medical Sciences

Sh.S. Sakieva – Master of Medical Sciences

Kh.A. Saitmuratov – Master of Medical Sciences

G.N. Aibekova – teacher

A.B. Nishanbayeva – teacher

Zh.N. Kadyrova – teacher

Zh.K. Esnazarova – senior laboratory assistant

S.A. Abdramanova – laboratory assistant



Contact information:

Address: Shymkent, Al-Farabi Square, 1/1, building -2, 2nd floor, 217 office

Phone: 8(775) 831-25-05






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