Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychology


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The department of neurology of South Kazakhstan medical academy was founded in 1994.Under the direction of Duchshanova G. with the founding of the department worked as assistants Palachkina .T. V., Paal E. V., Bekenov O. K., post-graduate students Tubanova M. A., G. A. Dikhanbaeva and clinical residents Toksanbaeva G. W., G. S. Baitureyeva.

Currently, the department trains undergraduate students, interns and residents. The staff of the department works in four main areas performing educational - methodical, medical - diagnostic (clinical), research and educational activities.

The main purpose of educational - methodical work is participation in the training of highly qualified medical personnel. Students and interns are trained at the department in the disciplines of the relevant courses. Every year at the department in the framework of FITUR cycles to improve doctors on topical issues of neurology and primary training of neurologists.

Since 2005, the department has implemented international quality standards for the training of medical personnel. Keeping pace with the times, guided by modern requirements for higher education, the staff of the department introduces innovative learning technologies in the educational process.

Over the years of its decade existence, the department of neurology has contributed to the development of neurological science in Kazakhstan. 1 doctor's and 14 candidate's dissertations are protected. The results of scientific research of the department are reflected in 400 domestic and foreign publications, including 2 monographs, 16 teaching manuals in Russian and Kazakh languages, 1 textbook.

The department is constantly working to strengthen the methodological base of the educational process, published 25 manuals, developed and approved by the RUMO RK 12 standard programs in neurology, neurosurgery and related disciplines.

Since 2018, the department manages candidate of medical sciences, acting Professor Zharkynbekova N.A.


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Zharkynbekova N.A. was the organizer I Central Asian conference on Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, which took place september 14-15 2018 in the Shymkent city.


The tasks of the department are:

- ensuring a high level of teaching disciplines with the use of modern innovative technologies aimed at fulfilling the main tasks of the department in the process of training college, bachelor, residency and FITUR

- development and implementation of educational and visual manuals, development of control and measuring tools to ensure control of student’s knowledge

- systematically professional development of teachers

- realizationof educational work in the amount of curatorial activities, in the process of lectures and practical training and during the duties in the dormitory



Main training courses:

- Bachelor course

- Internship

- Residency

- College



Disciplines of the department of neurology, psychiatry and psychology are taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Annually updated syllabus, test questions and lecture complexes.

The staff of the department conducts scientific research in various directions on topical issues of neurology.

Teachers of the department are constantly improving their professional level, making presentations at scientific conferences, both regional, national and international level; systematically improve the level of professional skills, participate in national and intra-academic seminars.

The staff of the department is constantly conducting scientific researches, taking on the world experience in solving the problems of neurology, the results of their own research has repeatedly been worthily represented at home and abroad. Employees of the department participated in many international scientific forums in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Spain.

At this stage, the Department together with LLC "NPF Materia Medica holding" conducted a scientific study "International multicenter double-blind placebo-controlled randomized clinical study in parallel groups of efficacy and safety of various drug use schemes Tenoten in the treatment of anxiety in patients with somatoform, stress-related and other neurotic disorders».

In February 2017 in Moscow (Russia) was trained on this study, which was attended by three employees of the department and received certificates of good clinical practice (GCP).

From the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, the department began a scientific study on the “Epidemiological and clinical-genetic analysis of Parkinson’s disease, Hentington’s horea, ataxia and dystonia in the Turkestan region”.

The department is the organizer and active participant of various conferences, seminars, congresses, societies and master classes.


Currently in the department is working:

1.    Zharkynbekova N.A. – C.m.s, Professor, head.department
2.    Tuxsanbayeva G. U. – C.m.s, associate Professor
3.    Mustapayeva G. A. – C.m.s, Acting Associate Professor
4.    ErkebayevaS. K. – PhD, Acting Associate Professor
5.    DaniyarovaSh.B. – assistant
6.    Suleimenova Z.S. – assistant
7.    SuleimenovМ.А. – assistant
8.    Muminova R.K. – assistant
9.    Esetova A.A. – assistant
10.    Musayeva S. K. – lecturer
11.    Saitmuratov H. A. – master.m.s., lecturer
12.    Saitmuratova S. Sh. – master.m.s., lecturer
13.    Zharylkap M. M. – senior laboratory assistant
14.    Shilmenova N.S. – senior laboratory assistant
15.    Djakipova S. - laboratory assistant



Address and contact details:

Address: № 2 City hospital, Zhandosov street 92
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