Department of History of Kazakhstan and social and public disciplines


History of the department: The Department of History of Kazakhstan and Socio-Pulic Disciplines traces its history back to 1979, since the establishment of the Shymkent branch of the Alma-Ata State Medical Institute, in the structure of which the Department of "History of the CPSU" was opened. Since its foundation, the teaching staff of the department has been working to improve the quality of teaching social sciences and humanities. Heads of departments at different stages: Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor E.A. Abdikulov, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor M.A. Zhanysbekov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, acting Associate Professor L.S. Mailybaeva.
Since September 1, 2018, the Department of "History of Kazakhstan and Socio-Public Disciplines" is headed by PhD - Nurzhanbayeva Zh.O.
The department trains undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. Teaching is conducted in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.
Currently, the department employs 1 associate professor, 5 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 7 senior teachers, 2 senior laboratory assistants.



Head of the Department, PhD
Nurzhanbayeva Zhanat Oralbayevna



Tasks of the department:
- implementation of the Policy and Objectives of the UCMA in the field of quality within the competence of the department;
- meeting the requirements of the quality management system (QMS)
- continuous professional development of teachers of the department;
- regular educational work of students during the educational process and while on duty in the dormitory;


Basic training courses:
Bachelor course:
- Contemporary history of Kazakhstan
- Psychology and cultural studies
- Fundamentals of Law and Economics

- Higher school pedagogy
- Doctoral studies:
- Educational technologies in universities

Disciplines are conducted for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students for all specialties in Kazakh, Russian, as well as for students of the specialty "General Medicine" in English.

The updatability of the disciplines being read:
The main place in the work of the department is occupied by educational and methodical work. In accordance with the state standard, the number of hours allocated to general and special courses in all disciplines has been determined, the topics of elective courses in bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies have been updated, standard training work programs have been updated, teaching aids and developments have been published.
In addition, the teaching staff of the department prepared and filmed video lectures in the distance learning department of the Academy. In general, 7 video lectures were prepared on "Modern History of Kazakhstan", 2 on "Psychology and cultural studies", 1 on "Pedagogy of higher education", 1 on "Educational technologies in universities", which are placed in the media library of the Academy.


Teachers of the department authors of teaching aids:
1. Nurzhanbayeva Zh.O., Aidarbekova G.S., Erkinbekova A.S. Psychology of zhane madeniyettanu. Oku-adistemelik kural. Shymkent, 2019.
2. Nurzhanbayeva Zh.O., Aidarbekova G.S., Abdurakhmanov N.A., Nigmatullina Sh. SH. "MODERN HISTORY OF KAZAKHSTAN" Oku-adistemelik kural. Shymkent, 2020 y.
3. Nurzhanbayeva Zh.O. Madeniyettanu. Oku-adistemelik kural. Shymkent. "Nurly beine" baspasy.2020j. 280 b.
4. Nurzhanbayeva Zh.O.,Aidarbekova G.S., Bekkulova A.A.,Ibraimova A.Zh. "Kazakstannyn kazirgi zaman tarikhy" pani boyynsha electrondy oku kuraly. Shymkent, 2021 zh.
5. Zhanysbekov M.A., Abdurakhmanov N.A., Erkinbekova A.S. Fundamentals of anti-corruption culture. Educational and methodical manual. Karaganda, 2016.
6. ZHanysbekov M.A., Abdurakhmanov N.A., Yerkinbekova A.S. Kazakstannyn kazirgi zamangy tarikhy. Oku-adistemelik kural. Kagandy 2016y
7. Zhanysbekov M, Nigmatullina SH. SH. Modern history of Kazakhstan. Educational and methodical manual. Shymkent, 2018zh
8. ZHanysbekov M.A., Bakhtibayev A.A., Torebaev O.A. Mangilik El. Educational and methodical manual. Shymkent, 2018 zh.


Scientific priorities of the department:
The department conducts research work in three areas:
1. Problems of spiritual renewal in the modern history of Kazakhstan.
2. Aspects of psychological and cultural education in the system of medical universities.
3. Issues of formation of civic principles and values within the framework of the state programs "Mangilik El" and "Rukhani Zhangyru".
The faculty of the department actively participates in international, republican, regional scientific conferences, symposiums, publishes articles in scientific journals based on SCOPUS, presented by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. An intellectual property copyright certificate with the Hirsch index has been obtained. To date, the department has developed teaching materials, electronic textbooks and published 8 textbooks with a circulation of 1800 copies. In 2020, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor Aidarbekova G.S. for directing the scientific work of students, she was awarded the Academy Award for the best student report.


The works of Doctor PhD, Head of the department Nurzhanbayeva Zhanat Oralbaevna, published in the Scopus database
1. Nurzhanbaeva J./Develoment of students Technological Competence in the Spesialty «Garment Industry and Fashion Desingn /International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER) ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 15(2015) Р.35673-356767
2. Zhanat Nurzhanbayeva /The Level Indicators of the Professional Readiness of Future Teachers to Dual Training./Man In India/97,2019(21): 705-714 © Serials Publications.
3. Zhanat Nurzhanbayeva/Semantic Guidelines and Conceptual Basis of a Social Education Teacher Professional Mobility in the Pedagogical Science/ Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment, 2020, 8, 560-566.


Currently, the department employs:
1. Nurzhanbayeva Zhanat Oralbaevna - Head of the Department, PhD
2.Yerzhan Abdukhaimov - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
3. Sakhov Saparbek Musakhanovich - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
4. Turebaev Omarkul Akimbayevich - Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
5. Aidarbekova Galiya Sarybaevna - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
6. Turadilov Meyrbek Unerbekovich - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
7. Bekkulova Akmaral Atygaevna - senior lecturer
8. Utegenov Bakyt Dauitbekovich - senior lecturer
9. Erkinbekova Asemkul Seitzhapparovna - senior lecturer
10. Malikov Mukhtar Maratovich - senior lecturer
11. Nigmatullina Shynar Shaimerdenovna - senior lecturer
12. Ibraimova Akmaral Zhamalbekovna - senior lecturer
13. Makhatova Leila Talgatovna - senior lecturer
14. Adilbekova G.A. - senior laboratory assistant
15. Orazbakova A.B. - senior laboratory assistant



Address and contact details:
№ 3 academic building, 2nd floor, classrooms: 228,229,232,
Phone (PBX): 87782496079; 87471343480








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