Department of Surgery-2

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History of the Department

History of the Department of Surgery-2. In 1993, on the basis of the Shymkent Pharmaceutical Institute, a medical faculty was established, under which the Department of General Surgery was organized under the leadership of Professor D. S. Seksenbayev, in 1994.The Department of Faculty Surgery was established, and in 1995 the Department of Hospital Surgery was established.

In connection with the reorganization of the SKSMA in the SKSFA in 2009, these departments were reorganized into the Departments of surgical disciplines No. 1 and No. 2, which functioned separately until 2012.In 2009, the courses of oncology and ophthalmology were included. In 2012, both departments were merged into one Department of Surgical Disciplines, which functioned until July 2020. And in September 2020, the Department of Surgical Disciplines was divided into two departments: surgery-1 and Surgery-2. In 2018, SКSFA was reorganized into JSC "South Kazakhstan Medical Academy". The department was headed by: in 1993-1996. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor D. S. Seksenbayev, in 1996-1998 – Doctor of Medical Sciences O. S. Abdiev, in 1998-2001 –Professor D. D. Seksenbayev, in 2001-2002-Professor M. M. Rysbekov, in 2002-2006-Professor R. T. Tazhimuratov, in 2007-2009-Professor M. Kh. Bigaliyev, in 2009-2012-Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor Zhumabayev T. Zh., in 2013-2018-Associate professor K. N. Zhumagulov.

Since June 2018, the department was headed by B. A. Abdurakhmanov, MD.

In different years, the department has worked with professors Esirkepov M. R., Associate Professor Atakhanov R. A., Professor Baimagambetov A. K., Professor Ospanova S. A., Professor Seidinovich Sh. M., Professor Kalkabaeva S. A., Professor Baidibekov M. U., Professor Kulakeev O. K., Associate Professor Abdurakhmanov B. A., Associate Professor Aldeshov A. A., Associate Professor P. A. L., ass. Kim T. G., Ph. D. Zholdybaev Zh. Zh., Ph. D. Akzhimbaevsky District Ph. D. Adilbekov A. K., Associate Professor Rakhimberdiev S. A., Ph. D. Aituganov K. Zh., Ph. D. Sarieva A. A.



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Head of the Department,

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Acting Professor

Abdurakhmanov Babur Anvarovich


Tasks of the Department

The purpose of the department is to train students in the specialty "surgery" with higher professional education, academic degrees, retraining and advanced training of personnel, as well as conducting scientific research.


The department implements the set goal by performing the following functions: implementation of the policy and objectives of the SКMA in the field of quality within the competence of the department; compliance with the requirements of the quality management system (QMS); determining the strategy and making a decision on the program planning of its work; training and graduation of specialists in the main educational programs of higher professional education assigned to the department, programs of postgraduate and additional professional education that implement the requirements of the state mandatory standard of education (SES), with deep theoretical and necessary practical knowledge that is in demand in the labor market; implementation of the educational process in surgical disciplines in accordance with the legislative and regulatory acts of higher professional education, approved by the curriculum, programs of disciplines; creation of conditions to meet the needs of students in intellectual, cultural and moral development in the process of educational and scientific activities; improvement of organizational, scientific and educational-methodological support of basic educational programs; development of new learning technologies; strengthening of relations with leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, enterprises and organizations in accordance with the profile of the department

Teaching activities at the department are carried out for undergraduates, residents in the specialties of general surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, including children's, otorhinolaryngology, including children's, oncology,neurosurgery, including children's, family medicine, master's degree. Work is also carried out in the Faculty of continuous training of doctors in the form of specialization and advanced training of doctors in surgery, traumatology, oncology and otorhinolaryngology.


The subjects are taught in Kazakh and Russian.


Scientific directions of the department

Improvement and development of innovative, minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of surgical patients. The integrated academic medical centers were established on the basis of a signed memorandum and agreements with the Tashkent Medical Academy, the Republican Specialized Center of Surgery named after Academician V. Vakhidov of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Scientific Center of Surgery named after A. N. Syzganov of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican Center of Transplantology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Bashkir State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation have received approval for joint research and training of masters and doctoral students.


The staff of the department has published 16 monographs and more than 700 scientific articles in medical publications, collections of scientific works published in our Republic and abroad.


Currently, the department has 5 doctors of Medical Sciences, 1-academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, 8 candidates of Medical Sciences, 11-assistants, 2-Masters of Medicine. The degree of settling down in the department is 49%.


The main staff of the department:

1. Babur Anvarovich Abdurakhmanov - Head of the Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Acting Professor

2. Myrzabek Myrzashevich Rysbekov - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

3. Deribsaly Seksenbayev - MD, Professor

4. Kulakeev Onlasbek Kudaibergenovich - MD, Professor

5. Rysbekov Talgat Turarbaevich - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor

6. Kurmankulov Ilyas Syrymovich - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor

7. Baimedetov Rustem Esmyrzaevich - Candidate of Medical Sciences, assistant

8. Tulemisov Kairat Zhumakhmetovich - Аssistant

9. Usmanov Mahmud Arafovich – Аssistant

10. Dautov Usein Aybazovich – Аssistant

11. Yusupov Amangeldy Mamaevich - Аssistant

12. Abdrakhmanov Yerkebulan Kairovich - Аssistant



1. Elikbayev Galymzhan Mamyrbekovich D. M. N., professor

2. Sultanov Eldos Yedigeevich - K. M. N., Assistant

3. Bektaev Yerkebay Talipbaevich - K. M. N., I. O. associate professor

4. Bakhtiyarov Askar Kosylbaevich - K. M. N., I. O. associate professor

5. Ormanov Bagdat Namazbaevich - K. M. N., I. O. associate professor

6. Turgunbaeva Saule Intykbaevna - K. M. N., I. O. associate professor

7. Sultanbek Shokhanovich Musaev - Аssistant

8. Tumenbayeva Zhanar Saparkhanovna - Assistant, Master

9. Khamidulin AskAt Nikolaevich - Аssistant

10. Kydyrbaeva Mereke - Assistant Master

11. Sagyndyk Indira Amanovna - Аssistant


The clinical bases of the department are the regional clinical hospital, the city clinical hospital No. 1, the city cancer center.

With the participation of the department's staff, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment with the use of innovative technologies were introduced in clinical databases, such as video laparoscopic methods of operations for obesity, insufficiency of physiological cardiology, echinococcosis of the liver, dolichosigma; video thoracoscopic interventions for focal and diffuse lung diseases; endovascular interventions for complicated forms of cirrhosis of the liver, splenomegaly, hypersplenism, and uterine fibroids; methods of intra-arterial chemotherapy, embolization and chemoembolization for tumors of the liver, breast, cervix and body of the uterus, brain, lungs, kidneys and osteosarcomas.



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Echinococcectomy of the liver


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 Work in the operating room of the department staff and mentors with residents



Contact information:

The department has 4 study rooms.

The clinical base of the department is the КСР at the address Maily Kozha-4.






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