Department of Pathological Anatomy and Histology


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Chronological frame of the department history encompasses years from 1994 till 2021. Department of pathologiccal anatomy came to existance, as a independent unit of Shymkent State Medical Institute, since august 1, 1994 (order № 247к dated 16.08.94.). Іt was the sixth in a row department of pathological anatomy in kazakhstan after the departments of pathological anatomy in the Kazakh National Medical University, West Kazakhstan State Medical Academy, Karaganda State Medical Academy, Semey State Medical Academy And Kazakh State Medical Academy. Furthermore It Was The First Department Created Since Kazakhstan Became Independent.

In 1996 within the Department of Pathalogical Anatomy the course of forensic medicine was created, and in 1997 the course of clinical pathomorphology was created.

Clinical bases of the department were the regional Pathological Anatomy Bureau, the South Kazakhstan branch for the Forensic Medicine Expertise of the Forensic Medicine Centre of the Ministry Of Health Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan and also the Pathological Anatomy Department in the Regional Clinical Hospital.

In the developmental stage of the department the main focus was at the organization of the educational process.

While at the beginning the Department Had the chairman and one permanent assistant (others were part-time assistants), by 2004 at the department, besides the chairman Daurekhanov Asatai Mametovich, the following personnel have been working: c.m.s. acting associate professor Zhumanazarov N.A., c.m.s. acting associate professor Sadykova A.Sh., acting associate professor Tultebaev B.A., c.m.s. assistant Kalashnikov A.A., c.m..n., assistant Dosybaev B.K., assistants Kalybaev Zh.S., Kozhamkulova P.R., Abildina K.B., Shonbaeva A.K., Abduaitov M.N., Pazylbekov S.A. experts of a high category aiteli e.t., Shamuratov Sh.A. and Kirs V.I. have been teaching forensic medicine.

Acting associate professor Sadykova A.. Sh. Was in charge of the Pathological Anatomy Department in the Regional Clinical Hospital. 

Since the foundation of the department, along with the organizational work, the sccientific research work, methodology work and patient treatment work were performed.

According to the order № 71 p (p.2) on the basis of the decision of Academic council of the SKSPA dated 31.08.2017 protocol.№ 1 changes in the structure and staff list of the Academy for 2017-2018 were made. 

Since April 13, 2018 the head of the Department of Histology of Pathological Anatomy, MD, Ph.D. Associate Professor Dosybaev Bakytzhan Krykbaevich.

Since September 2, 2019, the head of the department is, acting Professor Sadykova Aliya Shamilevna appointed.

At the department students of 2nd and 6th courses are being educated, staff of the department created educational-methodological leaflets in kazakh, russian and english, as well as   visual teaching materials.

At the department also were organized the museum of micro and macro specimens for the educational purposes. Eucational process is taking place with the use of microscopes, including the japanese «NIKON» and apparatus complex for microscopy «МЕIJI TECHNO», tables, drawings, macro- and micro-specimens, diafilms, interactive whiteboards. Students also participate at postmortem examinations and discussions on lethal cases.

The staff of the department actively participate in the preparation and conduccting scientific conferences and meetings, and make reports at the repulican and international meetings and conferrences.

The stuff of the department carries out clinical work: perform postmortem examinations with writing their protocols. Interesting cases and cases with discrepansies between the clinical and pathological-anatomical diagnoses are being considered at the clinical-anatomicaal conferences. Staff of the department participate in the organization and conducting of the scientific-practical seminars. The staff also make consultations on biopsy and surgicaal materials.



pat anatomia i gistologia

Sadykova Aliya Shamilevna - 

acting рrofessor, head of department.



Department staff

1. Sadykova A.Sh.- MD, acting Professor, Head of Department

2. Dosybaev B.K.-k.m.s., acting associate professor

3. Sisabekov Қ, professor

4. Toimbetova Қ.A.-senior lecturer

5. Abildina Қ.B.- assistant, master

6. Mametova D.A. - assistant, master

7. Atenova N.A.- assistant

8. Baynazarov D.A. –- assistant, master

9.Yssypov B.H. - assistant, master

10. Edige A.Zh.- senior lecturer

11. Duysembieva Zh.M. - teacher

12. Daniar G.A. - teacher

13. Nurman E.A. - teacher

14. Turebaeva G.A.-st. laboratory assistant

15. Tokmuhamedova B.H. -laboratory assistant


Location of the department: 

Shymkent city Al-Farabi square 3. Educational block №2, 4th floor.







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