A special exam in the form of psychometric testing

Based on the Standard Rules for admission to educational organizations implementing educational programs of higher and postgraduate education, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 600 dated October 31, 2018, admission to study in groups of educational programs in the field of education "Healthcare" is carried out taking into account a special exam in the form of psychometric testing.

Educational programs for which it is necessary to pass a special exam in the form of psychometric testing:

B084 – Nursing
B086 – General Medicine
B087 – Dentistry
B088 – Pediatrics

Persons enrolled in educational programs of higher education in the field of education "Health Care", requiring special training for passing special exams in the form of psychometric testing, submit the following documents to the admission committee of the university:

- a copy of the identity document
- a copy of the UNT certificate

Application deadlines:



Exam dates:

08.07.-13.07. (for participants in the grant competition)
01.08.– 25.08. (for applicants on a paid basis)


A special exam is conducted offline.


Admission to the audience of special examinations is carried out upon presentation of an identity document.
At the same time, special exams are held in classrooms equipped with video and (or) audio recording.
Before the start of special exams, applicants are explained the procedure for testing, as well as the time of the beginning and end of special exams, the time and place of the announcement of results, and the procedure for filing an application for appeal.
The results of special exams are announced on the day of the exam.
A special exam in the form of psychometric testing is evaluated in the form of "admission" or "non-admission".
According to the results of passing a special exam in the form of psychometric testing, an extract from the admission statement is issued to the applicant for presentation to medical universities, regardless of the place of passing the special exam.
For the period of the exams, in order to comply with the requirements for a special exam, resolve disputes, protect the rights of persons taking exams, an appeal commission is created by order of the rector of the university or a person acting as his/her duties.
The application for appeal is submitted to the chairman of the appeal commission personally by the person who passed the special exam, is accepted until 13.00 hours of the next day after the announcement of the results of the special exam and is considered by the appeal commission within one day.
On the day of completion of the special exam, the university transmits to the information system of the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan the results of a special exam for applicants to participate in the competition for the award of an educational grant of higher education at the expense of the republican budget and (or) enrollment in the university for paid tuition.



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